Sunday, December 4, 2011

St. Nicholas Eve

The key to St. Nicholas day is the food.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
ROTKOHL (Red Cabbage cooked... salad?)
APFELSTRUDEL (without raisins!)
And Apple juice. Homemade of course.

That was what I had planned at least, but ... we had pizza.






Our advent books are coming along really well and the kids are having a blast! So far we've read 4 books (oooobvioosly since it's the 4th and all.)

In other news Waldo, our elf arrived this morning. Molly ran into our bedroom at the pre-crack of dawn to tell us an Elf magically flew into the livingroom and is on top of our tree. Jerry was trying to be enthusiastic about it but actually fell asleep before he could be a cool Dad and ended up saying, "NO THERE'S NOT." She said in a tiny mouse voice, "but dad... there is." LOL 


The kids were really into it and Joe just stared in awe while I read the book for the second time.

Molly, with big panda eyes swore, "I wont never touch him."
Sam says, "I think he's like a statue and you move him around." to which I answered, "If I touch him, his magic will be gone." a little bit later I heard him whispering to Waldo, "hey, elf, in the tree! Are you real?"
Joe says, "It's not an elf on the shelf, it's an elf on a TREE."

He wont be on the tree tomorrow... he'll be.....

21 Days until Christmas!!!

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