Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Letters

One year when I was 3 or 4 I got a gumball machine and a jar of pennies for Christmas. It was one of my favorite gifts to date. Why, because it was fancy and super expensive? No. Because my family knew exactly down to the very core of Kaitlin what I would love the most. I LOVED gum. 

I kept putting off writting letters to Santa. I was so nervous the kids would ask for something from santa that Mom and Dad could not pull through on. (I know Sam really wants a Wii and Joe is dying for a turtle he can ride to the beach on = not going to happen) I was SO stressed out about it!! But we talked with the kids and told them we were not going to ask Santa for electronics. Other than that we let them write whatever they wanted.

First the kids helped write a letter for Lucy and Iris.

It was so sweet of them to think of things to say to Santa about the girls but also sweet and heart breakingly beautiful to think of little gifts for their sisters.

I took pictures of their letters, but I'm not sure you can see them well.

"Dear Santa,
I don't know who you are, but I don't need too much. I have clothes, food, family, and great brothers and sisters. Some things I would like are baby toys, a new hat, and a new blanket. I've been good all year, or at least since I've been born.
- Iris"
"Dear Santa,
 My name is Lucy. I seem to get in trouble sometimes, but I have a big heart and I try to help out whenever I can. For Christmas I want a new puzzle and I LOVE food!!! If you can get me a place settings it would be ok. And pretend food is great. And Jewelry
Tank - you!
"Dear Santa,
I want a shopping cart and lip chap. That's all. I guess I really want a board game and a candy cane. I did listen to mom and I didn't be naughty and I did what I was supposed to do. Some other thing I may like are books, zoobles, and coloring books. 
Thank you Santa!
"Dear Santa,
I have been good every day and a couple weeks ago I when was taller I wasn't good. But now I am going to school and have been good. I would like starwars cards, a binder with sleeves, and a board game.
I would like books, and cookies for my class. And one more thing I want to have; I like to do puzzles if you want, but if you can't make it it's okay. I would like 10 starwars books. Some of the good things I've done this year are being good at school, helping out Auntie and helping Grandma and when we were making gingerbread houses at Joe hug's house and I don't know much of you but... I know you make toys for everyone.
"Dear Santa,
I've been half good, half bad, but my dad has to write very small. For Christmas there's a lot that I'm thinking of. Like, pokemon cards and sleeves, I want my Dad to help me organize them and I'm trying to keep them nice and neat. And 3 bakugan, and a bakugan board and something to tell me how many g's they have. There will be more about this. My Mom is making batches of cookies.
I've been almost bad/good. Like read in my bed when Mom/Dad told me not to. And a good thing I did was be great in class and doing my best. I'm the best reader in class, so I'm going to find a new series to read. The old books arne't interesting anymore.
Where's more that I want for Christmas, I want some more patches for scouts. Maybe an xbox game if you have any. And an alarm clock and new shoes, because one if old, one I need to tie and my boots is too easy to put on. I want something that you don't have to tie.
From Sam to Santa.
Merry Christmas Santa!" 

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