Friday, December 2, 2011


Today marked the first full day of us for no television.

It went very well.

First there was some christmas tree gazing, Joe and Molly would point to an ornament then make up a story about it. "That sheep got his socks from target!"
Then they gradually migrated to the table. First there were crayons, then a little marker action. Sam even joined them! There wasn't any fighting... what? Where am I? Pleasantville!?!?
I had them clean up before lunch then they dove into play dough. Once quiet time came around the three big kids played in the boys room with the duplos. They absolutely love playing with "big legos".
After quiet time, Sam got his pokemon cards out and spent the next 5 hours sorting, stacking, and slipping them into card pockets. Chores. Dinner.

It was an amazing day.

Our advent activity today was setting up the Nativity Scene. Joe got to open the book today; we read The Very First Christmas. I read the story and set it up slowly then let the kids play with it until the camel started peeing on poor baby Jesus.


Afterwards, I strung a bell onto a yarn necklace for the kids and they started learning Jingle Bells. We will work on it every night all week then hopefully we can start learning Frosty the Snowman next week.


23 Days until Christmas!

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  1. We bought a little people nativity for my mom's Christmas present. Shhhhhhh!