Monday, December 12, 2011

Important lessons are never easy to learn.


Point in case: machine quilting.

I love quilts. I love picking out fabric, I love sewing quilt tops; they're like puzzles. I do not like tying them.

So I started sending some quilts to a quilter. You may have heard me refer to him as, "my quilter".

He started his business of quilting when he was diagnosed with cancer and needed money for his medical bills.

I love him.

But he is expensive and sending my big quilt there was one thing.

But a floor quilt is unacceptable (so my husband says) *grumble grumble grumble*

And so I have decided to put my very complicated awesome machine to good use.

So I quilted this little quilt. And when I was done I thought to myself:


And then when I flipped it over I thought:


And then I had to rip it out and I though:


But then I thought:


So then I did this:




But then I found out that you should never buy anything pins from the dollar store:


Because not only are they pins incredibly dull, but they are made out of tin foil.
Maybe not.
But that's what it seemed like.
Regardless of the issues. I used them up.
But I have a couple of rows left and not enough pins.
Now I wish I had a couple more of those pieces of garbage pins.
And then I gave up and threw a sheet on top.

And now I'm thinking:


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