Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Bye Waldo

Well, Christmas Eve has arrived. This morning we woke up to steaming hot cheggs (eggs w/cheese -> secret family recipe) and hashbrowns in a beautifully decorated dinning room.

001For a few minutes we stood there accusing eachother of doing this delicious deed. "It was you!"
"No, it was you!"
"It must have been...."


"The elf!!!" Even Lucy cracked up; what was he doing in the star?



The kids decided the elf probably stole all the decorations since elves can't have bank cards - they don't have any wallets!!


We say farewell to Waldo, our elf today. We hope he comes back next year for more mischief and to report our good deeds to santa.
Thanks for a great December Waldo! :)

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