Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Wrapping

I have yet to start any wrapping, and it's the 23rd. This whole year is so unlike me; I can't believe Christmas is in two days!!

I explained to the kids that Santa might get the wrong idea if the house was cluttered with toys and encouraged them to clean up a bit. They were more than happy to as long as I put some Christmas music on.

After quiet time/nap time I turned on the Polar Express and one by one the kids wrapped the gifts they bought for each other. I kept talking about "OH WOW, Molly is just going to looove that!" to get them really excited. Some kids give willingly, other kids say, "But I didn't get anything for myself!" but those comments need to be overlooked and the giving talk needs to be encouraged.





I'm going to try my best tomorrow; Jerry works 7am to 6pm... which means he has to leave at 6am and wont be home until 7pm. It's kind of hard to be in the Christmas mood when I have to juggle Christmas spirit and Christmas grumpiness by myself. The kids are so freakishly wild because Christmas is soon. And because Jerry is working so late we wont have time to go to Church for the Christmas service. Normally I would drive him, but.. I don't see that happening; we would have to get everyone up at 5am... yeah, not happening. But we are going to church Sunday morning.

This year's Christmas time has really been rather disappointing. It's kind of like a few years back when I realized through a very bad attitude that Mother's Day isn't really that special, mostly disappointing and sometimes extra work. It's worth it, but it's still hard.

Especially trying to do all these "traditions" while Jerry is not home for any of them...
I hope that if you feel this way too you'll know you're not alone. Next year I might only focus on 12 days of Christmas, instead of 25 days!

I have presents to wrap tonight and a very special surprise for the kids to set up for tomorrow so I'm off to do that!


  1. You are an amazing mom. My brother says things sometimes that are so greedy. It's so true that you just have to overlook it and model positive comments and generosity.

  2. Oh good, I'm not alone! I'm sick on Christmas Eve, and Matt works a 12 hour shift. Lovely. And, I decided I'm sick of listening to Christmas music. Isn't that sad??