Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Update!

Christmas is in 15 days!!!

The kids are getting more and more excited!! Each night we do our little count down and the kids each get a candy cane. As we get closer and closer to 1 the kids start screaming (oof) "3,2,1 CHRISTMAS!" every.eingle.night.

I have to pat myself on the back here because every day we've done an advent activity. Some years in the past I've skipped days and such.

While I feel the struggle of Christmas, the kids haven't and for that I am soo greatful. I don't know if it's having become an adult and now I know the inner workings of holiday magic or what, but it's just not as... exciting as it used to be. But I'm really trying.

The kids have been having a cookie and egg nog with lunch every day and I'm trying to make the weekends special and filled with fun activities.

And THIS guy! Boy has he been mischevious!
Yes! Those are UNDERWARE all over the tree!
Our poor tree has really taken a beating this year. Lucy has eaten most of the candy canes that were within her reach, Iris has rolled over and pulled the lights off from the bottom a couple times and the cats... oh, those cats! All that plus the lights that keep going out... sad pitiful tree.

Cookie Making

Snow Flake Party

We also went to a light show on a golf course that's pretty close to here. I thought it was so boring, but when we got home the kids kept saying how totally awesome it was.

I hope you're getting ready and that you are also in a festive spirit!

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  1. We still haven't been able to get everyone together to decorate the tree. Last time we tried people left the room sobbing. Ha.