Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Blog Posting Month

I'm going to try to do it.

I fail at trying all the time. But I try, so I give myself a pat on the back.

What will I blog about for a month though? I don't know yet.

Where will I find the time to blog everyday? I don't know.

What will I wear? I don't know. Probably jeans or yoga pants, that's all I own. I'll probably wear a shirt too, I just haven't decided yet. Right now I'm wearing jeans and my new "True Blood" shirt Jerry won at work.

It's really comfortable.

And those are the kind of things I'll blog about. I know you're totally going to be coming back for more.

Seriously though.

I didn't decorate for Halloween. I didn't even get out the pumpkin buckets to trick or treat with. I got new buckets from McDonald's. It's totally been that kind of  a month. I realised I couple days ago that my back hurts from sitting in the car too much. It was that kind of month.

The beauty of it though, is that today is a new month. November. My second favorite month!

I have so many projects in my sewing basket and I have done a terrible job starting them. But today I'm getting my sewing machine out and I'm getting to work. I can't share anything right now and will probably forget by the time I can. Ha! Maybe I'll just set a blog post for after Christmas so I can feel like I shared it, but didn't really! Ooo that's a good idea!

Today we went on a small walk to collect leaves for the nature table and to find a branch to hang our thankful leaves on. We did this last year too and it was very fun to listen to what the kids come up with! Our leaves are apparently HUGE! I don't think I can make the garland I was planning with these huge things!


It's not like I haven't been outside, but this morning everything had a perfect coating of frost and most of the leaves have turned colors. It took my breath away to see how fast things change, even when you're completely expecting it!


Joe and I talked about why the leaves turn colors and how the earth takes care of itself by dropping it's leaves so they're like blankets and slowly the leaves decay and give nutrients to the tree. It was just beautiful outside and crispy cold.


The kids of course, wanted to stay out much longer than I did. I was freezing though!

November always makes me feel cozy. I find my self instinctually baking more, looking forward to sewing warm things for my little family and generally being busy preparing for winter. It's so close now. I find myself stocking the cupboards full of things for soup and new recipes for bread.

I have been enjoying spotify SO much. It is an awesome music player that is on your computer and has basically every single song, artist, CD... everything you can imagine. I've been racking my brain for some new things to listen to and as always revolving back to my favorites. Today I'm listening to Darrell Evans.

And as usual, feeling encouraged. I love when he sings, I find I'm moving to the rhythm of your grace.

For some reason in November, I really feel an extra dispensing of grace.

Today I am thankful for our home; cozy, messy, dusty, filled to the brim with love, creativity and hope.

Happy NoBloPoMo!


  1. Love it! I also bought ridiculous amounts of stuff to make bread with, then realized we are doing no wheat for the next 3 weeks. ha :) I'm trying NaBlPoMo as well, we will see how it goes :) Good luck!