Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yesterday was a very productive day for me!!

I made bread, I did the laundry and I cleaned the bathrooms. It totally helped that Jerry had an extra day off and played with the kids while I worked. Man, I should clean that glass door!!!


The rest of the afternoon was spent taking a nice looong nap. Yes! I was so excited. Unfortunately Iris was awake all day! She took about 2, 20 minute naps, which is totally unlike her. Jerry ended up sitting up with her while I slept. After Sam got home from school we were ready to get out of here and we headed to the library. I've been promising Sam a library card since he learned to read, but I always go to the library without him. Anyway, he was very excited when he found out!




Today (well, yesterday!) I am thankful for libraries!! Every time I go to the library I am always greatful for the books they carry. I love that it can be a fun little get away with the kids that is free and encourages my kids to be good readers!

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