Sunday, November 13, 2011


Six months. It's passed so quickly. It's so unfair. So much has happened that I can hardly write about it.

Six pounds even, she arrives with dark curly hair.


I will never forget the morning we brought her home. The kids were all so surprised. Molly asked, "Is she alive!?" When I told her to peek into the bassinet; she was as cute and tiny as a little doll.


There was a miracle, when I decided to bring her to the ER for pooping too much. She was actually quite sick. A blood infection, too little red blood cells... something we combat still. My heart was broken, I had such plans for  peace. I wanted her to come into the world quietly, handled by only those who love her to her very core... but instead I sat next to her incubator not able to touch her, but watched as she developed a rash, dry skin, hooked up to lines. I had to thank God every day that this was all that was wrong. I know so many many more things can go wrong. I had to remember that it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Our first trip to the park and we found the most perfect tree which had it's roots out, almost asking to hold her.


First time at the beach; we went with the Hugs, both Elizabeth and I still working out the kinks in having infants, I'm not sure we really talked. I think we both just sat there bleary eyed and being grateful our kids were happily playing in the water... away from us.

TFam-374 LR
100 days came so quickly. I wasn't ready.


The first time she reached for a toy, the same day she reached for Molly's hand. I hope to never forget them holding hands; Molly cooing at her baby sister and Iris looking deep into Molly's eyes. God, I hope they always love each other this much.


I'm not her favorite. She has many favorites.


We found out she is allergic to milk; our last nursing session almost killed me. I held her for two hours in the rocking chair in our bedroom while she slept. I couldn't stop looking at her. This was it.


And now we're here.


As I paced the floor waiting for Iris Sophia to arrive I couldn't imagine a second past that moment. Who was she going to be? What would she look like?
And now I know; she's exactly what I wanted.

And now it's been six months.

15lbs 2oz

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