Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaBloPoMo #9

I am thankful for many things today.

Youtube teaching me to crochet a basket.

My husband giving me cold hard cash incase I wanted to cheat out budget and get coffee while I was escaping from poop central.

Sam having a great attitude at doing a scout project - cleaning up the deck!!! It looks great and is much safer without all those pine needles out there!

I am especially thankful for wintery care packages which include warm knit hats, a warm knit scarf and tea. (Pssst. I wear the scarf all of the time and think of you!)

I am thankful for bosom friends who send you little bits of love in the post to remind you that friendship doesn't count miles.

And I am thankful for a camera that focuses on everything BUT me... *rolls eyes*


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