Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaBloPoMo #6

I am starving.

This mornning we drove Jerry to work. I guess this is going to be our new Sunday routine until we either replace the brakes in the white van or until we get a new car. We stopped for coffee on the way there and Jerry got me a venti. It's a rare occassion when I actually drink it all but after church on the way home I was super thirsty so I downed it. Since then I have had so much energy that I decided to tackle a big project outside and ultimately skipped lunch. I didn't even think about it. All that out put of energy + lots of caffeine has left me feeling like my stomach is eating itself. It's probably good for me, I wouldn't mind losing some weight. 

Part of my big project was braving the spiders and getting the light bulb out of the porch light. It went out. Two months ago. But the light is covered in thick cobwebs and has several spider nests in there. It's amazing what a little (or lot) of coffee will get you to do. But you know what? I've been wanting to fix it... for two months.  Another part of the big clean up was to rake out the spot next to the stoop for the milk box. That area was filled with big rocks and leaves and the milk box was taking up half of the stoop. Drove me nuts to trip over it or crash into it when trying to get all 5 kids in while not letting Ninja out. I'm hoping to pick up some weed block plastic and some nice rock free dirt so we can plant ANYTHING in the front bed.

I'm seriously considering a big garden bed or two and possibly chickens in the spring. We'll see, but if we decide to stay another year I'll probably invest more in keeping the out door up. Guess what? I took  the first step in getting the field mowed. I actually called someone. It's shocking, I know.

Today Joe was assigned getting everyone water for dinner. He got the cups out, fills one up then passes it to one person then goes back and fills up the second one, then brings it back for someone else... it takes awhile for him to get them all filled especially since everynight when Molly is sitting at the table, she plays a joke on the person getting water by drinking her water before all of the cups are full. They laugh and laugh. Tonight Sam decided to join in with Molly and drank his cup of water then asked Joe for more. Joe gave him the stink eye and in a monotone voice says, "No. you'll wet the bed, then our room will smell like a barn." I literaly snorted rice out my nose and had to go cough in my bedroom. These children make me laugh so much.

You know, when I first had kids, I didn't think they would be funny. I didn't know other people had the same kind of humor I do and when I met Jerry it was like finding the glove that fits perfectly and is so comfortable... and hot. ;) Now there are 6 other people (assuming Iris is like all the other kids) who make me laugh and laugh all day.

There's an episode on The Middle (one of my favorite shows) where Axl (their 17 year old son) clips his toenails into an empty bag of chips and leaves it on the coffee table. The Mom sits down after a very long and stressful day and is delighted to find the chip bag with some chip crumbs. She tips it back and eats them as her daughter (the one who is JUST like Molly) walks into the room and screams, "YOU JUST ATE AXL'S TOENAILS". You can imagine how she reacted - totally like anyone would. She started gagging then ran into the kitchen and used the sink hose to spray down her tonge then used the sponge to scrub scrub scrub. Anyway, it was super funny.
I had a related experience today. (small back story: Lucy really enjoys putting things in her nose. She rips up paper cups, wads it into a ball and stuffs it in her nose. Tissue, wipes, paper, magazenes, part of books. It's really weird and super gross when I have to go in with tweezers to pull nasty dripping wet crap out.) Today I left my bowl of rice on the side table and went to get Iris, changed her diaper, fed her in the rocking chair in my room and came back out about 20 minutes later. Can you see where this is going? I took a bite of my rice just as Molly screamed in terror, "Lucy's snot paper is in there! Groooooossss Mom!" I spit it out and then just started laughing (my kids already think I'm crazy) because it reminded me so much of the the middle and Jerry and I frequently talk about how parallel our lives are to poor Mike and Frankie Heck.

Today I am thankful for humor. My life would be unbearable if not for it. I am thankful that every time I have a terrible day my husband can say (or do) something completely innapropriate and make me laugh until I'm close to wetting my pants. I'm thankful my kids can flip their attitudes around from grouchy and fighting to laughing and merry.



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  1. Haha. So great. Humor and laugher is the best.