Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo #4

I light a candle in the early twilight and we eat bowls of oatmeal sprinkled with brown sugar and we share the dreams we drempt the night before in the flickering light. This is my favorite time of day. Jerry takes the boys to school before he heads to work and we have several hours of time... just us girls. Lucy and Molly are still warm in their jammies, Iris lays on my shoulder and cuddles into my neck while I sip my tea. It's a perfect cup; the perfect temperature, the perfect amount of milk and not one granual of sugar too much.


I do the dishes, dress the girls then braid their hair. Lucy picks out a skirt and Molly, her favorite purple shirt.

Today is baking day. I have four loaves to make and Molly hurries to get her apron on. Sweet little giggles fill the kitchen as Lucy and Molly play in the tupperware cupboard. I let them carry supplies to the dinning room and we begin the bread making ritual.

As the smell of bread fills the house I dive into my chores. Laundry baskets to fold, a basket of clothes to hang up and about 4 loads to wash. Molly and Lucy follow close on my heels and scramble over eachother to empty the dryer. Sometimes letting them help is more trouble than it's worth, but the intent is not always to get something done. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Iris is tired now. I get Molly's coloring down and Lucy gets her dolly then follows me into my bedroom. While I feed Iris in the rocking chair, Lucy feeds her baby on the floor. I love seeing her miror me, a toddler's highest form of respect. She doesn't know how to tell me that she loves me or that she respects me, but I can see it in her actions. We both change our babies diapers, kiss them both and tuck them into my bed for a nap. Iris can roll onto her side now and snuggled down into her blanket. I pick Lucy up and hug her to me. She squeals then puckers up for a kiss. The girl can give some good kisses. "A ya yu" (I love you) she says. I change her diaper then she races into her bedroom, ready for a nap. Molly brings in Lucy's little blanky and picks up her bedroom knowing Lucy likes to sleep in a clean room. They say good night through the bars of the crib and Lucy requests a kiss from Molly. "Have a good sweep!" Molly chirps then she looks at me with pleading in her eyes. I already know what she's going to ask, to beg... her desires are routine. "Can I stay up?" She asks very quietly. She is like a little mouse, squeeking at her mommy mouse. I have to hide my smile, it's the same every day. Her tears, loud and over sized can spring forth in a blink of an eye. "Let's make lunch." I say ignoring her tiny hands clasped together in desperation.

Molly pulls her step stool into the kitchen as I chop up a head of leaf lettuce. She takes 10 minutes to peel a carrot, slowly, with pauses to pick up each piece. I take the time to clean the bathroom and then we mix in chicken and ranch dressing to our salad.

Our afternoon is wrapped up togehter, in my bed. Iris caresses my face with her little hands and Molly wiggles under the warmth of the electric blanket. There are no tears at nap time if I lay down with her and I don't mind one bit.

I am thankful for the time I spend with my sweet girls. Their innocents in refreshing and their giggling is like fresh water. Molly and Lucy dote on Iris and in return Iris absolutely adores her sisters. There are many days filled with screaming, hair pulling, name calling and toy swipping, but even those times are precious to me.

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