Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaBloPoMo #3

Seriously, that as creative as I'm getting for blog titles. My creativity only goes so far.

I love getting compliments from my children because they're always so danged honest and so sweet and pure. Today Sam told me, "Mom, if you were one of the box car children, I bet you would be Jessy because she is a really good cook." And that was awesome. Another great one I remember is Molly telling me I sing exactly like Norah Jones.

I love eating new foods with my kids. They're VERY adventurous with eating. They will try ANYTHING. They know that even though sometimes things look funny they can taste really good! They also know that sometimes things look reall good and taste terrible... like sweet cakes with mung bean filling. The kids' favorite food is rice and fish. Tuna, salmon, crab, tilapia, and they just looooove sushi. I've never had one of my kids turn away a steaming bowl of miso soup or a scoop of cury on their rice. But they do turn their noses up at pizza. Spaghetti gets a cold shoulder and mashed potatoes are pushed to the side. Just another reason my kids are seriously the coolest people I know. I mean it. They are people I want to be friends with.

Jerry helped Joe get started on our reading book. Joe absolutely loves to do school work. He is more than ready to read and did several chapters after we were done and had started making dinner. He sat on the couch trying to sound out words and was getting them right!






Sam and I had scouts tonight. Up until this week we've only had 3 other boys in our den. Tonight was round up and we had 2 kids sign up and one guy register, which is awesome! I absolutely love our den and the parents (called Akala //akayla//) and am super excited to meet other families.

Here we are all official in our scout uniforms. I only have a uniform because I'm on the committee *cough* cause i'm awesome *cough*. Sam has a little bit of a hard time not climbing on the tables and keeping his mind on the task. We're still learning even as adults and tonight finally deicded we really should have something for the kids to do while we have a small meeting as adult partners. I am excited for our family to be a scouting family. We might do a sport, but I really am loving scouts. What;s awesome is that two of the boys that joined and are joining Sam already knows from his class! I can't wait for Joe to join next year - he is going to just love it!!


Today I am thankful for Jerry's job.
Sometimes I have a stinky attitude about him being at work and me being "stuck" at home with the kids, but I am so blessed to be able to stay with them and for Jerry's job to provide for us. He is great at his job and is always meeting and going beyond his monthly goals!! I am so proud of him every day knowing it's really hard for him to go to work and hard for him to be away from us. Good job hunny!

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