Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaBloPoMo #2

My new shirt, the one I wore yesterday, the True Blood one that Jerry gave me from work; is totally being retired to the pajama drawer, even though it is SOOOO comfortable! I wore it again tonight to the boy scout committee meeting. After the meeting our Assistant cub-master says, "team *** or team ***" and I just feel my face looking blank. "You know, true blood shirt. I just want to make sure we can still be friends." I smile and nod, "oh.. well, I've never watched it really. My husband brought it home from work." She looks incredibly embarrassed. "Weeeeell, I probably wouldn't wear it around... I mean, it's like... vampire porn." she blushes, I blush... awkward silence... "well I'll see you tomorrow." she says and sneaks into her kitchen. At least I didn't wear it to MOPS or something.

Today was another busy day! Lucy had her two year well child check. She weighs 26 pounds and is in the 30th percentile for weight and 61st percentile for height! Finally - a tall kid! Okay, well... a little bit over average kid... for her weight. Anyway...

Poor Lulu had to get 4 shots, two of them were the combined ones. I decided Molly shouldn't watch so we went to hide play in the waiting room and within 5 minutes Jerry and Lucy were joining us. I was shocked, didn't she get poked? Didn't she cry? Didn't you comfort her? Apparently she screamed in terror simple because she had to wear a hospital gown (I don't know why our pediatrician does that, it's kind of weird) and was terrified that the nurse was looking at her and Jerry didn't think she was too afected by the actual injections. Apparently she ripped off the gown and threw it down pointing in disgust and yelling, "DON'T TOUCH!" to the offending article of clothing. Jerry gave her the little blanket she has adopted and she was ready to go. When I saw her she very proudly showed me her new sticker. "gook!" she said and waved it around then she gave it to Molly. She's not into stickers.

From there we went to half price books where I bought a "Dear America" book to read the kids. I've enjoyed reading to them at night. We have our routine of dinner, clean up and pajamas then the kids get their snuggle quilts and snuggle onto the couch while I read a chapter or two of a book. We've read Pipi Longstocking, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, The Indian in the Cupboard and Socks. So anyway, this book is written like a diary from the perspective of an 8 year old on the Mayflower bound for America in 1620. I guess it's a whole series and this one is called, 'The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce, A Pilgrim Boy'.

While we were at the book store a set of new parents questioned me on my ergo carrier. Iris has enjoyed it so much and the last few weeks I've been able to use the ergo even more by popping her on my back. Her legs are just long enough and she just snuzzles in and falls asleep. Their baby was a month old and they said they just bought an ergo carrier but the baby didn't like it so we talked about carriers and baby wearing for a few minutes before Molly needed me to take her potty.

I absolutely love Half Price Books. Not just because I can always find books in their $1.00 section but also because I am the worlds most terrible library book returner. I'm not kidding. I've probably paid enough over due fines to fund a small army. It's true. And Sad. I'm just a failure. But HPB is my cup of tea! I bought the first three books in the Lemony Snickets (sp!?) series and book 2 of the box car children. Sam read the first box car children book on Monday... in two hours. After we left, with our arms full of books we decided we need to buckle down on Joe's reading. He wants to learn so badly and literally begs us to teach him. I'm so horrible, I just need to find the time to do it! He's important, he is smart and he is ready to learn!

Last night I told me boys that my parents are coming for 3 very relaxing days over Thanksgiving break. We are all very very very excited and Molly, with excited tears in her eyes said, "every night I'm going to be thankful that they are coming." and it was so sweet.

Molly is growing and maturing into a very witty, sweet, caring and intelligent girl. There were a few weeks where Jerry and I would just scratch our heads and pray that this wasn't her real personality. The baby talk, the way she would ask us if she was pretty all.the.time and the tears and the fits. I don't know any other little girls but... I really thought maybe there was something wrong with her... up there.
But thank you Jesus, she has moved on to other obnoxious habits, like tattling. We've had some real conversations where she asks a real question (seriously one time we were taking a nap and she looked at me and said, "MOMMY? Am I laying down?" and I almost punched her in the face. Instead I thought to myself, 'don't hit her, pretend your asleep!') about how to make tea and I answer her in a normal tone and she absorbed the information and moved on.

Sam has a spelling test tomorrow and I went over his spelling words with him last night after dinner. He spelled  them all right except for with, 'weth'. But I still think that's really good. Recently Sam and Joe both did their MAPS testing. It's a k-8th grade that basically tests where they are and what they're picking up. It's a bit complicated with numbers all over the place but the gist of it is that Joe almost knows all of his letters and knows quite a few numbers. He's very average for Kindergarten and we're super proud of him. Sam's test scores were very not surprisingly amazing. All of his scores were entry 4th grade except for his reading which scored 7th grade median, which means what 7th graders are supposed to score in the middle of the year. Which *ahem* was the highest score in his entire school! We were not surprised but now that we have the actual scores we can move forward in very proactive ways. He's getting a math tutor and is going to finally be a little more challenged. We'll be working on writing more at home and strengthening his fingers because he is absolutely terrible at writing. He is going to join a group called the Cougar Buddies which is a little social group to give him some tools to cope in social situations that he doesn't want to be in. Mainly, anything that has a lot of people or too much noise. He is doing very well in school though and we're anticipating some new growth here once he starts learning new stuff. He was coming home every afternoon and telling me, 'I haven't learned anything new, I already knew it all." and I'd think, what a big head this kid has, get some humility child! But then I found out that actually, he already did know this stuff.

Today I am thankful for my family, or as we refer to them, the Big Family.

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  1. Ok...I'm wondering about the MSP test your school gave the kids. The only MSP that I know of here is for 3rd, 4th and 5th and it's given in the spring.

    Kaylen has "tested out" of the first grade already but I don't know where she is on the scale and I would love to know.

    Congrats to Sam - what a BIG accomplishment! Congrats to you, too, because as a mom, I know we are hugely responsible for their love of learning. :)