Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a few of my favorite things

Almost every time I go into my bedroom I sigh in happiness. I love my bedroom furniture. I love my nightstands and the dresser. I especially like my bed. Everyone should invest in a bedroom set. You need somewhere to be.

I really hate our desk. When we first moved here we had gotten rid of our desk in Vancouver due to being moved too many times and it just fell apart. I felt like I wanted to fall apart too so I don't hold any ill feelings towards it. So when we moved here and I went to Ikea and picked out a nice white desk, I loved it. I know some day we'll move to a different house where I will have a sewing room. This desk is a perfect sewing desk and a perfect temporary computer desk. But I do hate that it looks more like bedroom furniture than office furniture. I think it makes our house look like a mismatched college apartment. Here's something I found; accessorizing helps.

Even if you don't like your desk, add something you like; my favorite mug. It reminds me that everyday is fresh, with a new start. My Journey Begins Today. I bought it for myself when I was training in Seattle when I worked for Bank of America. Then there's the picture; it's our first ultra sounds of Elizabeth. I look at it everyday.
If your kitchen is drab and always a terrible place to be:

Add something creative to your livingroom:

It is even better if the things you accessories with mean somehting to you; quality over quantity. I just recieved a basket from Jerry's great grandmother, it was her sewing basket. I needed to put it up out of the reach of wild children, but it's beautiful and I absolutely love baskets. You wouldn't know looking at my house... heh.

This is a music box from Italy, my sister gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. I love it with every inch of my heart. I love music boxes. It plays edelweiss, my absolute favorite song. The first time I heard it, we were listening to a record in my grandma's basement. 24 top Polka songs by Myron Floren. I must have been 4 or 5. Everytime I hear it... my heart stops beating. The music box is in my bedroom, on my dresser. I'll pass it down to my first great grand daughter, so she will know that she is special to me.
and incase you wonder, the tabasco bottle was Jerry's Grandpa Gerald's jar. Apparently the legend goes that everymorning the man would wake up and take a swig to help get out of bed? Jerry has it filled with red hots. :)

I love this little alarm clock; it's the only thing I keep on my nightstand besides dust. You must have dust to live somewhere.

But more than any of that I love this picture, I love that we took it in a photo booth. I love that the sun has faded it a bit; showing that time has passed... as if you couldn't tell by our youthful faces. Our anniversary is coming up; we've been married for 5 years. Hard to freaking believe it. We're old people now you know.

I love this box, given to me by Colleen years and years and years ago. I love that it's on my bookshelf. It holds a pipe and tobacco.

I'm not good at decorating but instead of hating my boring house, I just decided to put up little things that I do like. They remind me that I am special, I am unique. I have a past and a future unlike anyone else.

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