Monday, November 14, 2011

5 1/2

NaBloPoMo #14

Joe is 5 and a half! 
The most accurate way to calculate your birthday is to add 183 days, which would be November 14th. You know, the half is really important, why not celebrate it? The Toompi love to celebrate. Any reason is a good reason in our family!
We hang up the 1/2 birthday sign and we make a cake (or buy it, whateves) and chop that sucker in half. I found 1/2 birthday candles at Yokes a couple of years ago and we use the same one every year, also I save their number candle from their real birthday and add that to the cake.
Then we make breakfast for dinner.
And we buy a small gifts (under $20.00).
We sing Happy 1/2 Birthday and watch a movie after dinner, something we only do on weekends.
Go ahead, celebrate your birthday twice!

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