Sunday, October 9, 2011


I had a great week and am hoping next week is as equally amazing.

I was able to make it to the gym at 6am. Once. But the fact that I did it... Score. I just need to work on getting there more often. Ha!

I got my scouts uniform and... it's... official looking. Okay, so... I have to tuck it in and wear a belt. I had a baby tummy. Scratch that, I have a baby baby baby baby baby baby tummy. People who've had six pregnancies in just as many years should not be tucking in their shirts. lol. Or it could just be me. But I have some excess skin, okay? That's all I'm saying. Which leads me back to... I should get to the gym more often!

Also I finished my scouting training so I get to sew on another patch that says I'm trained. Sewing on patches is so far, the bane of my existance. For all the quilts, clothes, handmade things I've sewen, patches are by far the worst!!!

My second half camera is not focusing. I have tried everything. Now she's going into the doctor. I really do feel broken. It's sad.

Jerry has a four day weekend Monday - Thursday. I'm super stoked even though it's a working weekend. Iris has two specialist appointments and her 5 month well child check up. Sam has a neurologist appointment on Thursday. That's one appointment per day. I just wish our pediatrician was closer than 40 minutes away!
I am loving how busy I've been. I had a great time at MOPS on Monday night last week. I had volunteered that morning in Joe's Kindergarten class and wasn't sure I was going to make it to MOPS. I was exhausted and cold from the Lahar Drill (it rained. shocker!)
MOPS was fun, I met lots of fun ladies and played an awesomely awkward "get to know you" game.

Wednesday night I had my first Committee meeting and had a fun time there too... even though it was all business. Our Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster are from New York. How in the heck did they end up here? The one only other Committee meeting member who showed up was from Spokane. So funny. I kept thinking she looked familiar. :)

Thursday was Lucy's birthday.Happy 2nd Birthday Princess!!!

I didn't make it into Sam's class and felt bad that I ducked out but I had a headache which has lasted for 5 days. I'm wondering if my eyes are already going out or if I'm allergic to something. It also did not help that none of my girls have been sleeping well.

In the morning we went to Olympia Farmers Market. It was delicious. Seriously. Right by the ocean, it smelled so... salty. I was in love.
In the evening Jerry's Mom, sister, niece, and nephew came over for Cake and presents. Grandma brought all the kids presents and Molly and Lucy have had a blast playing with their little rabbit zuzu pet things.
On Saturday my sister and law, niece, and nephew came over and we all went down to Pumpkin Fest. It was so much fun and such a perfect fall little town event. I wasn't able to find a babysitter for Saturday evening but Sam was supposed to sell popcorn. Since he didn't he hasn't reached his popcorn goal... but we'll make it. I'm sure of it! :)
But anyway, I have had a ton of fun being busy. After my full week of being out and about I was able to recognise and visit with about 5 people at Pumpkin Fest. I am hoping to make some friends too, the kind that come over to have their kids play with your kids while you drink tea and eat "mommy only" cookies. :) I miss having friends. It's been a very long and lonely 13 months since we've moved from Spokane and I've felt so reserved and not very social, but I'm ready to have friends.

The kids have been practicing Japanese. It's been so cute and fun. Molly can say, "Watashi wa Molly desu." lol.

Driving down our country road is breath taking. The leaves, the trees, the little calf that skips around the field... it's so picturesque. I am loving it here.
More than ever.


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