Friday, October 14, 2011

Scholz Farm

We went to the pumpkin patch today! It was really nice to let the kids get some energy out in the frsh Autumn air.
Iris slept the whole time except for when I would pop her out of the ergo to take her picture, then I'd put her back in and she would fall back asleep.
Joe was ecstatic that there was a tractor to climb on. We had to stand around in the mud for about 15 minutes while he moved the wheel left and right like a mad man while he laughed manically.
Lucy is currently obsessed with animals. She loves all animals so so so much and was more than beside herself (in her quiet way) that there were real baby animals there. She actually laughed out loud when she heard the sheep 'baa' right next to her. Then she saw the pig and said, "OINK!" and then it 'oinked' twice and she started clapping. It as so adorable. We're totally going back to see them again! She wanted to climb into the pen with the calfs. So cute!
I was really sad that Sam wasn't with us. I might go back soon to see the animals and get a good picture with all the kids. School tends to get in the way!

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