Friday, October 28, 2011

Nothin' new

We've reached a new season in our life.

Different finances, different hours, a different schedule.

I don't really know how to handle it yet. A new for me.

I can get into a good rhythm for a few days and then wake up one morning completely exhausted and all I care about is surviving. I don't do the dishes, I don't cook anything nutritious and I can't think of one nice thing I've done for anyone. I fall into bed exhausted then wake up disappointed. Ugh, if only I had loaded the dishes it wouldn't take this long, laundry would be 3 loads and not 6 or 7! In one day my house can fall into the pits of despair. For a very long time I couldn't figure out why, but I just did!


It's a lot more than I knew it would be. It's not just preparing 5 bowls of oatmeal; it's also cleaning those 5 bowls, the table, the floor, 5 chairs, 5 faces, 5 sets of teeth, 50 hands, then throwing that completely disgusting rag into the laundry.

It's more than setting out a coloring book and letting them color. It's also having to get out the scissors, then the glue, and the tape and the pipe cleaners; but MOM! I neeeeed the crayons AND the markers.... then it's cleaning the table, and 5 chairs, and spraying the carpet with stain remover, and putting all the marker caps back on... 10 times, at least.

Basically anything that I think will be easy and quick turns out... as a disaster. I don't mean in the 'didn't work' sense I mean in the messy sense and in the 'I'm so frikin stressed out because Lucy ate a whole stick of glue in the second I blinked' sense.

The weirdest thing is that I completely enjoy the chaos of 5 kids... 70% of the time. 10% of the time I"m trying to think of new fun ways to keep them busy and out of my hair, 10% of the time I'm cleaning up after them and 10% of the time I have the feeling I've taken on too much.

Whenever I sit down to blog I get called away. Heck, this has taken me 2 phineas and ferb episodes. (whoa, did I just start measuring my life by television shows? That's a new low.)

My creativity is...  nill. I haven't done much with Molly and preschool, though I try to do something everyday. I stopped taking naps. I hardly read anymore... where in the HELL is my time going??

I used to think that it didn't matter if my house was a mess, as long as we were happy, the kids were learning new things and being creative. But several days a week my house is a mess and so is everyone in it.

Today at least I'm reclaiming my life. I switched the toys up, have the house cleaned and am starting those 7 loads of laundry that I didn't do yesterday.

Plus, how can I be in a bad mood when this little goon is around!? In fact, I think I need a few more. LOL. KIDDING!!!

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