Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Felt board

I made one a long time ago, but it was lost in the many moves we've made. So I made a new one and some fun things to play on it too!!

I used my hot glue gun, a blank canvas and some white flannel.

Here's the front with The Three Billy Goat's Gruff.

Shapes - I'm going to make some more complex ones; cylinder, hexagon, octagon, pentagon - as soon as my printer is back in order. I free handed these ones so they look a little... TOTALLY AWESOME. :)

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. I feel like these were a total failure. I forgot I had tiny google eyes and used a bottle of puff paint that was ALMOST gone so it kept spurting out big blobs of air mixed with the paint. I'll probably re-make them. Again, they were free handed because my printer is off line. Ultimately the girlies don't care what they look like - they're just fun to play with right now!!

I made another set of numbers. I am going to add in some signs: $ . , and the cents sign (which my key board does not posses) so the boys can use it too.

It ended up being very easy and I am excited to hang it up. Next up - three little pigs! :)

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