Thursday, October 6, 2011

A birthday afternoon out!

My dinning room as of 6:00am.

003A birthday crown and wand.
005The Birthday Girl medallion!


006Birthday Breakfast. This girl can eat. We had  hash browns, eggs, blackberry breakfast bar, and frozen berries for breakfast!
024After breakfast we set out on an adventure...

To the Farmer's Market!

033Our favorite Magician folding balloon animals for the kids!
029A flying monkey spider for Molly...
030A flying dinosaur for Joe and a butterfly for Lulu-bean. I use the term, "favorite" loosely. Lucy doesn't care for magicians.
066We ate at "Soba", and it was delicious. This mug of Miso soup was delicious!
061Molly thought the noodles were delicious!
051Joe is SO funny. He wanted me to take a picture of him as a statue.
047Very legitimate.

My pretty princess Molly!044
043Joe and his friend John. So nice to finally meet. I have to admit though, he's a little older than I imagined.
054What started out as a very grey and cold day ended up being sunny and warm fall weather.


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