Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Brother got married

It's actually been over a week now but I've been super busy.

My brother got married and I got a new sister. Did I get any pictures of them? No.... I did not. But I got pictures of everyone else! :)

The Toompas Family in all our wedding glory

IMG_4342My Dad and Mom
IMG_4340My sister's little cute family; Amanda, Chad and Jack.
IMG_4347Us Polski women. Lucy and Iris don't look quite as Polish as Grandma (who is.. Polish), my mom, me or Molly.
IMG_4359Jerry had to hold the babies. He had a burp cloth on each shoulder to protect himself from impending vomit of doom.

Amanda and ChadIMG_4364
IMG_4365Molly with her wedding dress, her wedding tights and her wedding shoes. ;)
IMG_4385We got to the wedding a couple hours before to be in family pictures and the kids got out energy by running around, spinning and watching one of the bridesmaid's dates do magic tricks.
IMG_4403Randy, he's like my adopted brother. And his wife, who I guess is my adopted sister in law and then my adopted nieces in law. Okay, we're not related. But it's a shame we're not, so we pretend we are.
IMG_4416Lucas. He is so adorable. He looks so much like Max, my brother - when Max was little. Heck, he looks like Max now. It's ridiculous how cute he is.
IMG_4428Three of the best buddies around.

We left the wedding at 9pm and drove home... all 5 hours home. It was very tiring. I ended up driving the second half so Jerry could sleep because he had to be at work in the morning.

The wedding was beautiful and short and sweet. :) The best kind.


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