Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lucy who?

It's funny that I never blog about Lulu. Now that little sister is here, and she's had some issues joining the world, it's all I think about blogging. Lucy sure has grown up though.

She has such a strong personality, but I think maybe all my kids do.

She's a rock star and probably one of the coolest kids we have. (Err... sorry kids) She has the funniest personality though it doesn't tend to show when strangers are around.

Once you're in her circle though, you're in. She can only say a handful of words clear as a bell... Papa, don't touch, touch, yeah, milk and then a few that are a little more baby-ish; tetu (thank you) pesh (please) nigh nigh (good night) usha (outside) and titty (kitty).

She loves to please us but also loves to be crazy and get into things.

She is very helpful and when you praise her for being helpful she gets this face, "Yeah... I'm a huge helper." and she's all nonchalant about it. Here is a picture of her helping Joe get dressed. Ha!

Her lips are so gorgeous. I just want to kiss her all the time. Lucky for me, buried under all that scruffy-ness Jerry has delicious lips too. What? I can say that!

Lucy has started showering every day and now takes naps in the toddler bed. She recently learned how to climb out of her crib and to open doors (and pantry doors and how to open packaging with her teeth so she can feed herself *face palm*)

She is definitely my "hardest" kid right now, mostly because she gets into everything and can break into anything and can make a giant disaster in seconds.

I can already tell she's taking after Jerry and is probably as smart as he is right now... at least she can outsmart us already! :)


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