Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all of the wonderful people who make the world go. Today is a day we celebrate the working class. Those lucky people who didn't inherit millions of dollars and become rich and those people who work hard every single day.
I know most people don't take this holiday too seriously (other than for bbqs and the last day to wear your white pants) but just look around your house. Do you have toilet paper? a fridge? carpet? every single thing in your house is made by someone... Thank you facotry worker who made our light switch covers... lol. So anyway, that's what I explained to me kids.

This year labor day is being over shadowed by Sam's half birthday so we're not doing much for this holiday.
However, we did read some books and have a hearty discussion on the matter.

Jobs People Do by Christopher Maynord
This book is about all the people who wear uniforms and make stuff we use. I like the baker the best because he makes cakes. I don't like the police because they will arrest me if I'm a bad guy when I grow up.

Walter the Baker by Eric Carle
Hey... is this brown bear brown bear?
Nope, this was walter the baker... about the baker...?
Where's the brown bear?
This book is the one with the man who bakes... remember?
Did he bake the bear? Bear cakes!!
*face palm*

A job for Watilda by Carolyn Buehner
This was a funny book about a lady with 47 cats!!! She has to get a job to take care of her cats and uses her broom to fly the pizza fast quick. I like this book because I love cats and I want to have another cat.

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  1. I love that Joe is considering what will happen if he is a bad guy. Way to keep his options open.