Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Ons

Fall arrived last week in a flurry. We had a big storm from Sunday to Monday, which left us with fallen branches, no power and pine needles covering every inch of earth, cars and our deck.  It smells amazing outside, slightly earthy, fresh, slightly moist and the best smell of all is our neighbors using their fire places. Plus mountain fresh air. I love it. Two days ago we were able to see our breath as we walked to the bus stop.


side note: I got a new book on Canons and shooting techniques. I followed the instructions to "reset to factory settings" Though I've never set any settings. I turn it back to "P" and... it wont focus. I have to take my camera in now to get it fixed since I don't know what the heck I did, I can't even un-do it. It really sucks. Until I can get it fixed I am using a different camera.

I looked at the calendar today and almost choked. Tomorrow is the first day of October. It seems like we were just having the first day of school! Where has the time gone?

I honestly don't think I've ever been so busy in my life though and even though I am really enjoying it I also keep having these "moments". For instance a few hours before going to Cub Scouts I realised, "DOH! I have to sew on a patch to Sam's uniform." It seems like every single day I'm having to thoroughly plan every second so I can get as much from the day as possible. At this point I can't imagine even having another kid is scouts let alone anything else they're going to want to do!!!


We have Cub Scouts now on Thursdays and I'm volunteering in the boys' classroom on Monday and Wednesday. However, there are always extra things during the week. Curriculum night, PTA, Popcorn sales, Bingo at the Old Soldiers home and doctor appointments.

Those doctor appointments are killing me. KILLING ME. It's about 40 minutes, one way to our pediatrician's office. Plus next month we have three different specialists and then two doctor appointments. Plus, the damned appointment are sooo stressful! There is yet to actually be anything wrong with Iris that is long term. Ear infections, blood infections, weight gaining issues, her tongue issue, and her excess sleeping issues. AND THEN they ask if there is any family history of deafness. I'm sorry *ahem* but... WTF!?!039

I thought I was busy in September, but it seems like October is the busiest month! For PTA we have spirit wear sales and the book fair (which I'm working a full day) and then for scouts we have 4 den meetings, 1 pack meeting, family hike, popcorn sales at Pumpkin fest AND a troop councel meeting. And I'm skipping Bingo! Did I mention how I accidentally volunteered for treasurer for the pack? No? Well, I volunteered.

So even though this is what I've been waiting for, I'm still exhausted. My brain is exhausted trying to remember all of the things I need to do, (Oh! Like call the insurance company to get a pre-approval for Iris to see the audiologist) and all the papers to be filled out, the homework that needs to be completed AND Molly's preschool.

I complain, but I really am enjoying a "purpose" in life. :)

Other than my daily purpose of course because nothing is more entertaining than this guy!

I am SO glad we missed the cut off for soccer because I do not know how I could possibly fit another thing into another hour of another day. We are booked solid! 048

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  1. How very motivated you are! Brave too!