Sunday, September 18, 2011

Four Months

4monthsIris is four months old now!
10lbs 14oz (that means well on her way to 11 pounds!)
21inches (That's one foot and 9 inches)
She had her shots on Friday and is still not feeling too well. She never got a fever but I have the impression she's just not feeling herself.
I finally got one! I can leave her alone now.

We haven't found out anything new on Iris' tongue yet. We did get a referral to see the ENT sometime soon and we'll see if she is indeed tongue tied or if there is something else going on. However, since she is older than 6 weeks they wouldn't be able to perform a tongue snipping in the office, she will have to be sedated. Yuck. We're not 100% sure that's it though. Iris is in the 1st percentile for weight and 2nd percentile for height. Developmentally she is about two months behind now. No laughing, reaching for toys, and doesn't roll over: I think that one time was a fluke - I've tried recreating it many times!

However, since she was now officially deemed 6 - 8 weeks early her new premie status gives her leeway to be a lazy baby and I was told not to worry about her until next month (Oct. 12th is her next appointment) and if she hasn't reached any more milestones then we'll be concerned. So we're really rooting' for her to laugh or reach for a toy.

This month Iris has started being wary of strangers. She was absolutely terrified of my poor sister in law, but I think by the end of our day together she was more accepting of her.

She is a great baby still, sleeps all.the.time and is generally pretty smiley. She loves the kids so much, especially since they shower her with attention.

We have been supplementing with formula for a few weeks now because of her tongue tied-ness. She does not enjoy when I attempt to force her to nurse and less and less do I try. It's a very big frustration for me. Sometimes she can latch on, sometimes she cannot. Either way, she is growing and that is the goal!

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