Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This week has been great! Jerry is on vacation. He took a couple of extra days off so we could do some heavy duty "fall cleaning" before he gets into his 4-10s shift.

So far we've been pretty productive. I hung up all the coats and cleaned out the shoe box, putting sandals out and boots in. I also put a three drawer plastic dresser in the front closet so I could seperate hats, gloves and scarves. They each have their own drawer. This is going to be epic.

I deep cleaned the fridge, the pantry and the freezer and super deep cleaned our bathroom.

And since Jerry's on vacation we've done some really fun things too! Jerry took his girls out on a date on Monday. We hit up the Half Priced books $1.00 sale and walked away with 14 books. Haha. Most of the books were Jane Austin books then there were a couple of E. Nesbit books and two Mark Twain books. After the book store we drove to down town Tacoma to the Learning Sprout Toy store. OMG. I could die in there. It is the biggest most awesome toy store on earth. Maybe not, but one of the best I've seen. I consider myself some what of a toy store connoisseur.

We ended our very awesome afternoon at a restraunt called The Bento Box which has delicious food. The girls were adorable and the chef brought them over an orange carved to look like a panda with a giant dallop of whip cream on top. Lucy is a whip cream freak. I think she wanted to kiss him. :)

Our week has been getting better from there. Not only is it the premier of all of my favorite shows but also the premier of "fall cooking". dun dun duuuun. We had curry to celebrate. :)

On Tuesday Sam joined scouts. I am so excited for him!! There are, for now, only 2 other boys in Sam's "den". Little towns - gotta love them. Both of the other boys are 7 so I think even that will be great for Sam not to be the oldest most incharge bossiest boss of all... which he tends to be. He is very excited to be selling popcorn tins (Man are those things expensive!!!) and especially excited to sell them outside of the general store next Sunday. He has already sold two tins (somewhat illegally as he doesn't have his uniform yet) to my parents. He did dress up as a sleezy car sales man to skype them though so... it was legit. We have to drive to Tacoma for his uniform so we're going to go on Friday after school.

Today we had another big adventure while the boys were in school. First we went to the library. And yes, those are babar book bags. Target for the win.
When we came out I was beconned by the mountain.
Listen, when a mountain calls you, you answer.
We left from the library and drove towards her. After awhile we stopped in Etonville and the kids played on an awesome playground.
Look! There's a mountain man now!! (side note: I have been using my manual focus a lot now and I just love it!)

So as we're sitting there trying to avoid bees I look down and Iris is concentrating with all of her 4 month self to spastically and somewhat painfully looking reach for the lady bug who lives on the carseat!!!

I was beyond excited. SO THEN!!! We get home and I put Iris on the floor and...

And what do you freaking know? I caught it on camera. Seconds later came the panicked screaming and the face burried in the floor writhing around... but for 20 glorious seconds...

I give all credit to our visit at a higher altitude. She's a mountain baby. Born at the lake in the woods and learned to reach and roll over on the day we visited her... lady Rainier.


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