Monday, August 22, 2011

When was the last time I complained on here?

You're all probably thinking my life is all rainbows and pots of gold over here since I haven't complained in awhile.

Don't worry though, we still have chaos. By the buckets full!!!

We got a new kitty. She is 6 weeks old and was the runt of the liter. She is so tiny! Ninja Kitty loves her like a momma cat and licks sleep from little kitty's eyes and wrestles with her and makes sure she licks her paws after they eat... together. It is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'm like a crazy cat person. In fact, I called my mom today and talked to her for about 10 minutes about my cats... and I think I was goo-ing about them the whole time.


Lucy has finally gotten better at not getting into things 24/7. I actually can go to the bathroom now and not return to her doing something incredibly dangerous or making a giant disaster. That is not to say it never happens. This afternoon in fact poor Little Kitty was put into a bucket and Lucy was taking cups of water from the fridge and dumping it on the poor little baby. I rescued said kitty immediately and dried her off as she drifted off to sleep, probably, I should add, traumatized.


Lucy loves to be helpful and it is hard to scold her when she's working. She doesn't understand that she should not put things in Iris' mouth since I ask Sam, Joe or Molly to put her binki in when she's crying and I'm otherwise engaged. Lucy would also like to help by giving her pretzels, small legos or a giant dinosaur to the face. I have so far always intervened before disaster struck. I give full credit to Iris still being alive to our pack and play. The kids are not allowed anywhere within spitting distance of it. It's right next to the computer area and out of the living room area. I can set her boppy in there to look up at the mobile (where I hang brightly colored toys to look at ) or her bumbo so she can look around or I can put her in her swaddler and put her to sleep. It's all working out very nicely. Sometimes I set the boppy on the desk while I'm on the computer (don't worry, I don't leave here there) but yesterday I suddenly felt like someone was looking at me...


I'm getting myself together to start preschool at home with Molly. Of course I will be blogging about it. Sometimes blogging keeps me accountable because I fool myself into believing some how someone somewhere waits in anticipation for my blog to load to see if I've posted something new. :) I know you do!!

Over the summer I've dived (doven? what?) into books on education theory. These things entertain me. Like all things we do in life I'm picking and choosing what I feel fits in with our family. Of course I would absolutely love to color with beeswax crayons, make a giant puppet theater out of card board boxes and eat organic food every day but in real life that doesn't happen.

Right now I mostly spend my time:

doing laundry
cooking meals
not doing dishes
cleaning bathrooms
cleaning children
changing diapers
Spending time with my family
worrying about Iris
pinteresting (and oh man am I addicted!!!)
thinking about fall
thinking about Christmas
making lists, lists and more lists
preparing for the school year
drinking tea
watching dance moms (I just love to hate them)
falling into bed completely exhausted feeling as though I've accomplished absolutely nothing.

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