Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Visit to Walmart

I hate Walmart. I've hated it ever since the first time I went, living in Othello, the only place to buy socks in town. It didn't get better when we moved to Spokane and worse when we moved here. I'm sorry, there are a lot of trashy "country" folk around here. We saw the typical woman riding in a shopping cart while her teenage daughter pushed.

However, this shopping trip was going to be fast. I am hanging up some pictures at home and I ordered some pictures I've taken over the last couple of months for the walls. I ordered through flickr, who outsources to snapfish who outsorces to Walmart OR Walgreens. I usually use walgreens but I wanted a matt finish and only walmart prints those so I had to use them.

First Jerry promised the kids to look at the toy isle. He wanted to look at a new wagon. We used our wagon almost every single day until our neighbors in Vancouver stole it and he wanted to replace it so we could go on the Orting trail. Well we did not end up buying a new wagon - we ended up buying:


He also considers himself to be especially awesome not only because of the new wheels but also because he is wearing his new jacket for school. My boys are all about wearing their favorite sports team clothes. Sam is begging for a Sounders FC sweatshirt to wear to school. I'm not sure my eyes can handle the neon green.

My personal favorite part of the trip was when I went to the photo center to pick up my pictures. The woman pulled them out then said, "Um, there was some concern over copyright. Can I see your release?" at which point I broke into school-girlish giggling. "Oh, Itookthemmyself" heehehhaha hheehhaa. It was embarrassing looking back, but it still makes me smile thinking someone thought my pictures were professional. Sure, my parents and my husband and my sister are always telling me they look awesome but then I wonder if it's like telling my 5 year old that his self portrait looks exactly like him.
It does, right?

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  1. Why does he have two sets of arms - did he grow them since we saw you guys last?