Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not too much goin' on 'round here...

Sometimes my husband comes home from work, cuddles up to me on the couch and asks, "So, what did you do today?" and I look around the house and think... 'hu - what did I do today?'.
My days are long, the hours are short. Does that make sense? I think I probably spend a total of 1 hour changing diapers per day. at least 20 minutes in wiping noses because 3 of 5 kids have allergies. I pick up the living room a total of 15 times a day. Setting up quiet time takes almost 40 minutes. diaper changes, lucy to bed, molly to bed, everyone needs drinks, turning on a movie for the boys, feeding Iris another diaper change... the next thing I know it 7pm and we haven't had dinner... and I've let Lucy nap too long (I have to wake her up or else her 11am nap can go until 6:30 - no joke!)

I try to spend one on one time with each kid. This isn't too hard to do, if I remember. Molly's one on one time is about 30 minutes every afternoon as we're climbing into take naps in my bed. She asks all sorts of silly questions and I answer her until sleep numbs my brain.

Lucy is super easy to spend time with and she usually initiates it. Her favorite thing to do right now is bring me the basket of animals. She gets a few out then shows me and I say the name over and over and over again and she sometimes says them back. Today: elephant = "efaaaa" and zebra = eeeea. She doesn't talk much, but between grunts, glass shattering screams and sobbing like her legs are broken she gets the point across. She says hot, drink (or milk, we're not sure which one //eeck//) night night, diaper change (which she says, "dipa wipa" (diaper and wipes) - super cute) and she is starting to copy what we say. But she doesn't say alot of consonants. Like Joe is "oh" and Sam is "am" and Molly is "aaaaackkk nooooooo!!! DON'T TOUCH" lol.

The house basically always looks exactly the same. Like a hurricane flew through. This is because there are 4 hellions who run around hellion style and throw their things and everyone else's things everywhere and a 5th mini hellion who is expending a lot of energy crying. If I clean it the house in the morning it's a mess by night. Last night I went through the toy boxes in the kids' rooms and sorted out who's toys go where, picked up every single one of the 94837378 bazillion legos they had strewn across the floor and vacuumed. Today it looks exactly the same as before it was cleaned.

I swear everyday there are the exact same clothing items in the dirty laundry basket. Sometimes my life feels like Groundhog's Day. Everyday is exactly the same but I have the option to do the same thing or do something random. Somedays I don't clean, just because the monotony kills me.

Tonight we made hand rolled sushi for dinner with the kids. I have no idea how those children eat as much as they do! Lucy ate almost an entire cucumber by herself. Redonkulous.

Today I was letting Joe play Lego Harry Potter on the computer while I was in the fetal position in the corner folding laundry and Molly was sitting on her stool next to him. She had a baby doll in her lap and apparently Joe was the baby's father. She just talked and talked and talked and he would occasionally grunt when she said his name over and over. She would get down and run over to me and try some clothes on the baby from the pile I had just folded (grr) and then run back over and talk to Joe again.
Molly: "Joe"
Joe: "What Molly?"
Molly: "The baby is kicking me!"
Joe: "........"
Molly: "Joe"
Joe: "What Molly!?"
Molly: "The baby is kicking me!"
Molly: "It's still kicking me!"

At this point I cracked up but at the same time wondered - where in the hell do they come up with these things!?!? First of all, none of our kids have ever kicked us. I suppose round-house style kicking has happened once or twice but only during living room karate matches. Secondly, we have never ever ever ever ever said, 'I'm going to spank you" and B) we never say the word 'butt". We say bottom thankyouverymuch. I seriously doubt that somewhere on television this played out seeing as spanking is seen to a lot of people as abuse. Ha. Not in this house!

I do have to say if someone ever needed a spankin' this girl deserves one!
Don't worry, she got a nap.

Joe asked to color after dinner. Well, he says, "mark". as in "Mom, can I mark?" I don't know why, he just does. So I said no, because I hadn't cleaned off the table and was at the time trying to nurse the baby (that is another terrible story in itself) so after a few minutes I realize Joe has cleared off the table and is now looking for a dishrag. After about 15 minutes of trying to direct him to the rag drawer I finally got up and gave him one at which time he decided he was just going to wash the dishes for me... at which time for an unknown reason the cat attacked him. Possibly out of fun, but I don't know for sure. He wasn't wearing a shirt (as he never does) and his poor chest is covered in scratches. Poor Joe. Ouch.

Iris has Oral Thrush. Probably, I've been told, from having antibiotics and having all her antibodies wiped out and the normal germs over took her mouth, which now has lumps in it (having first started off as a nice mustard colored tongue - gross) and cottage cheese looking sores in the corners of her mouth. Nursing her is kind of like nursing a tasmanian devil. And also she has started clamping her jaw while she's jerking her head around and screaming at the same time. I told my sister it was how I imagine it would feel if someone slammed your boob into a car door. over and over. She also has runny poop today and had has a fever (99.1) for two days. and has cried every second she's awake. Not so pleasant.

So not to complain or anything but... poor me.

At least I have entertainment in my life;
Molly: "Mom? What is the big ball oh doooooom? Joe said it was going to kill me!!"
Me: "I don't know. Joe, what is the big ball of doom?"
Joe: "It's a big toot from a volcano."

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  1. That video will be priceless in about 15 years.
    I'm sorry life sucks. Poor you! I do feel sorry for you! It sounds like a very frustrating day.
    I have hope for you.
    Don't let your ppd get you down. I've got pre-partum depression- I've been troubled since before kids. I understand how hard some days can be.
    Feel free to call if you want to just yell and scream. I'll listen.