Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby needs some miracle grow. :)

Iris will be three months old on Friday. I'll post some three month pictures then, but I thought I'd post some silly pictures I took today. Not the best lighting, but the baby is better than good lighting. :)

First of all; Iris has learned to roll onto her side. This brings her tricks up to blowing bubbles, rolling onto her side and smiling. Little Roo gets so irritated when she ends up on her side. lol.


This is Iris' first Seattle Mariners shirt. she loves it... but as many of her clothes go... too big!


Here's another proof of her miniatureness.
These pants are 3-6m size. They're almost as big as her body.


This is her 0-3m dress and like all her 0-3m onesies, the crotch hangs down to her knees! This dress is much longer - to her ankles. Haha!


Mom, here are the shoes I found her. Little crib shoes. Yeah... they're size newborn and hang off her feet like flippers.


Unless she has some big growth spurt she's going to have gained 1lbs 5oz per month leading to 10lbs even.

Girl needs some miracle grow!!!

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