Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet Memories

It's funny how when I look at a picture I don't always remember what the kids said, but I always remember what my heart felt.

Molly met Iris first. She came into our room at 6am like she does every morning. When I realized she was there I told her to come to the other side of the bed. "Guess who showed up last night?" I asked her and pointed to the basinet. She peeked over the edge and smiled a little and said, "Is she ayive (alive)!?" it was so cute. So darned cute.


Joe was next. I had gotten up and taken a shower. When I came out Joe was up. Jerry brought Iris out and showed him.

Sam was just so typical. Jerry asked Sam, "Guess who showed up last night?" and in a monotone voice Sam says, "Iris." and when Jerry leaned down and showed him her little face Sam immediately leaned in to smell her. He does that. Smells people.IMG_9719

I was most worried about Lucy. I think that words cannot express their first meeting.

Looking back at these pictures I am overcome with emotion.


I am so blessed to have 5 amazing, healthy, loving, funny, obedient, kind and gorgeous children.

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