Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Monday, Monday

Today has been such a day.

Today Joe was a cowboy.


Today Lucy was up with the birds at 5:30 calling to get out of her bed. Molly poured into our bed a few minutes later and I realized that though there were only 4 hours since I had gone to bed it was time to get up.


Today I made miso soup for breakfast.
5 cups chicken broth
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
bring to boil
5 tablespoons of miso paste
mix in slowly until the broth is a milky color.
8oz of 1" x 1" traditional organic tofu squares
bring to boil
3 tablespoons of green onions
carefully spoon separate in to 6 bowls so as not to break up the tofu
Serve with a side of rice.
Miso soup is like putting a warm, hand knit blanket on your soul... and the blanket is your favorite color.

Today Joe was a pirate.


Today I made our noon day meal before Jerry was out of bed. Teriyaki chicken to be served over rice. It was in the oven before I headed out to vacation bible school with the boys at 8:30.

Today I braided my daughter's hair. A reminder that she is getting older. Everyday it seems to me that her hair is just a skosh longer.

Today we had a special slushy treat after vacation bible school.


Today is overcast... I hope it rains today.

Today (actually, everyday) Lucy put herself in time out.


Today I cut 50 finger nails and 50 toe nails.

Today I finished a book and with a sigh put it in a diaper box; that's where I keep my books as I haven't gone out to get a book shelf yet. I just can't decide what I want... but I know this; I'm tired of the book boxes (7 of them now).


Today I had a tea test. Red Rose v. Harney and sons v. Twinnings.
Harney and sons for the gold. plus it came in an adorable tin.

Today Joe was a doctor.


Today, through big yawns and a fuzzy head I am trying the best I can.

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  1. This. Is. Perfect.

    I just may steal your "Today" idea. Love it! Thanks for sharing your day. :)