Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh dear.

I messed up my blog again. Then fixed it, only I had to change stuff around but in the end I like it a lot better. What do you think?

I messed up my pictures. And that one I'm still working on. I guess when I was trying to organize my pictures on flickr (my total new love - it's so helpful, and last time I tried to use it I thought it was the darn near hardest thing ever!) I somehow made them go away from here.

Jerry came home on Saturday morning with a new couch. We have had just the leather couch now for about a year and I was ready for some alternate seating arrangements. We'd have people over and they would cluster around on dinning room chairs... which are fine, but offering plush seating is ideal. It is not a... how shall one say... "new" couch. In fact, it's rather old and a bit dilapidated, however I think it's perfect. The kids say it is a secret agent couch because both arm rests open and are full of buttons that control an internal massager and the middle seat back lays down and becomes a table... or you can flip it over and there's a built in phone. No kidding. Needless to say the couch has become the highlight of the children's lives. In other couch related news that damn beloved cat has scratched the arms and most of the cushions up. Now that she's an "indoor" cat she has found ways to get under my skin... like eating the butter every stinking time I forget to cover it back up so I have to throw away the remainder and then wash the tupperware thingy or like sleeping in the baby's swing when the baby is sitting somewhere else... or the fact that she thinks she should meow to high heaven at 5am every morning so I'll feed her. NO ONE NEEDS TO EAT AT 5AM!!! I've resorted to locking her in the laundry room at night after 5 too many times waking up to the cat attempting to cuddle under my hair whilst I sleep.

Iris is awesome. I started freaking about about sleeping training, not because she doesn't sleep 9 hours every night but because I was afraid once I put her in a bed instead of her swing that she wouldn't. I have begun to keep her awake longer, bathe her and do her baby massage before bed rather than in the morning and whenever she's awake I'm trying to play with her more... the girl is never awake. I know some of ya'll know how Molly and Lucy were - sleeping 4 billion hours a day but Iris really sleeps around 22 hours a day Molly slept 19 until she was... 2? It's a good thing I don't have a life.

I joined a gym over here and went in for my first work out this morning. It was good. Horrible, tiring and good. I've never been an exercise enthusiast but times have changed. Sort of. Okay, not really. I still hate to exercise.

I seem to have a really good routine figured out these last two weeks and have found where my computer time fits in. I've been skipping nap time and then taking more advantage of the 4 hours between the kids going to bed and me going to bed. Everything has been so much smoother and so much cleaner.

I have to leave you without a picture today because they're all being wacky.

Wait, I've got one: Oregon Fair September 2010

too random?



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