Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was going to write a little something about Ninja, our new kitty a few months ago but her arrival was overshadowed by Iris' arrival and though she is loved as much as Iris (maybe even more, by the kids... and possibly Jerry) I have never written of this wonderful fluff ball.

One afternoon on Jerry's day off we were running to target to get a second set of sheets for our bed wetter. Having two sets is very important. While we were about to pull out of the parking lot Jerry asked if I wanted to walk around petsmart with the kids. At this point I said sure; the kids love seeing the little critters.

However, it wasn't Joe begging for a Dermochelys coriacea this time, it was Jerry begging for a cat. We looked at the cats there but didn't particularly really love any of them. Well, I didn't. Jerry wanted to take them all home.

Did I mention I married a cat person?

Petsmart said before we could adopt any sort of cat we would need to fill out an application at the pet rescue. We decided to go fill out the application form and look at the cats there.

Joe found one he liked, this one was black and white but he was a male and I didn't want to have to deal with "spraying" cats. We said adios and went on our way.

About a week before Iris was born we wandered (dude, Jerry mapped out every single pet shop to find a cat now that I had semi consented) into a Petco and there we saw her... Ninja.IMG_9307

This kitty is rediculous. IMG_9312

She puts up with being shoved in boxes, bags, pillow cases, closets, drawers...IMG_0204

When Iris came along, instead of being jealous as I was slightly nervous about, she became rather nurturing.




You wont believe where she sleeps:


She loves to go outside. She follows Jerry and the kids around the yard, sitting in the drive way watching them ride their bikes or following them down to the roundabout when they go too far.

I think she's happy here...

But a little over two weeks ago she walked out to hunt like she usually does... but she didn't come back. Not in four days, not in a week, not in two weeks.
Today it rained for the first time and I thought, maybe if she was still out in the wild, maybe she would come home.

The girls were playing on the deck today and when they ran in guess who followed them?


It was NINJA!! I screamed and then said, "When did she come home!?!?" to Jerry who had his back to her and he spun around in his chair and leaped up and grabbed her, "QUICK, CLOSE THE DOORS!" He shouted and we all ran and closed the windows and doors and then danced around with ninja... she was very hungry.

But as soon as she was done eating she headed for the door and mewed at us.
Sorry Ninj, that is the last time you ever breath fresh air again.

We just love you too much.

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  1. Last week, Sly spotted a cat my parents had (in the forest). It ran away...18 months ago. He never did like people. I can't believe that thing is surviving in a forest filled with coyotes, wolves, elk, deer, moose, mountain lion and many other predators.

    When we got Zap, she got out a few days after we got her. She was going to be an indoor cat. She had bigger plans. She was gone for a day or two, but then she found her way home!

    It is wonderful she came home! She knows where she belongs! Don't be afraid to let her out again, she'll eventually escape.

    Cats are so silly!