Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Month Two


Iris is two months old today yesterday. She is still very much in a newborn stage... sleeping much more than she's awake, on an odd sleeping schedule.


The good news is that this month she has grown to 10lbs and is finally in 0-3m clothes. Recently I've been lying her on the floor on a soft blanket and she just seems to really enjoy that. She looks around and coos and moves her head like a little baby owl.


I finally let her have her hands out of the mittens occasionally. She's like a crazy kitten when her gloves are off. She claws her face like she wants to hold her eyeballs in her hands. So her hands stay gloved for the majority of the time.

She is so sweet and falls asleep so easily. Last week her swing broke and at first I didn't know what to do!? She was in her swing a lot. I've held her a lot more this week and then I discovered her penchant for falling asleep on her own. Watch the progression:

Tired - this is her worried face.

Put her in bed. Binki, gloves, hat, blanket and clean diaper.

aaaaaaaand she's out. every time. 12 seconds flat.IMG_2441

And what is better than that? I will tell you. She sleeps all night in her little bed... up to 9 hours. Yep. My boobs hurt that morning.

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