Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Visitors

It started with a phone call. My Dad, always one for surprises called and asked to talk to Sam.
Sam will call and talk to my Dad as often as we let him so this was not unusual. Also not unusual was Sam telling my Dad to come over to visit. "Maybe next time you have your day off, you could just drive over real quick." My Dad opened the front door and stood behind Sam. "How about this weekend?" He said. Sam's eyes grew wide in excitement and he lowered the phone to tell me Papa said this weekend! But then he heard laughter and he whirled around and Saw his Papa standing right behind him. He was so surprised that he was shy for half a second, wanting to run and jump into Dad's arms but too shocked to move. I don't remember ever seeing his face so surprised or so happy, with his huge gap tooth grin. They are two peas in a pod.

The rest of our weekend was a blur of awesomeness. My parents arrived on Friday and my sister, her mother-in-law and my nephew Jack arrived on Saturday. We had tea, we had coffee, we had pie, ice cream bars, and cookies. We sat outside, inside, and at the coffee shop. We went to the fabric store and pretended to sew at home. We had friends over and passed around babies. Most importantly, my mom did my laundry, bathed my children and did the dishes. Ha!

My parents have 7 grandchildren now! I've produced most of them so I'm their favorite. Right? At least, I should be.

This is Amanda's mother-in-law who also loves my kids. She spent her weekend playing My Little Ponies, reading fancy nancy, bouncing and cuddling my babies and doing my dishes too. It was great! She sat on the floor next to the boys asking about their DS games and listened to one of Sam's very long spiels on Pokemon and how his anex (or whatever) is at level 40 (or... whatever). I think she spent a full hour playing army men with Joe.

Me, my sister, and our babes.

I never quite knew how enjoyable it would be to sit along side her in my living room at 2 and 6 am nursing our babies and being completely sleep deprived. Not only should everyone have an awesome sister but you should also have babies the same time as your sister. You shouldn't have your baby like, a few days after your sister though if you live far away because then you wont get to meet your new nephew for a few weeks. That part sucks. But having cousins is awesome. And don't tell her I said so, but having someone who bosses you around just as much as you boss them around is also awesome.

They're best baby cousins already. And totally freaking cute? I think yes.

And also yes, Jackson, Jacky, Jack-o, Jack is almost two times bigger than Iris. I just absolutely loved his lumpy little body. He's a snuggly soft skin half bald kind of kid with grouchy eyebrows.

Seriously. See?

I have a lot more pictures, but they're mostly on facebook.


My house is empty now, an overflowing garbage can is all that's left as a reminder of our fun weekend and I have to admit that I am a little sad and a little lonely now that they've gone. Amanda and my Mom are my best friends and if you have a best friend you should imagine living very far away from them and having to sew and have tea by yourself for the majority of the time. You should also imagine your phone bill...

It's always nice though to know how many other friends you have who would like to put up with your loud, stinky, dirty kids and drink tea with you. Last minute and at a moments notice.

One of my favorite bloggers ever (like, ever ever. My husband can attest to this; I talk about her like we're neighbors) said,
"Can I get an "amen" for how good it feels to watch your friends love your babies? These kids are my heart and when you love them, you consequently just found yourself a deeper place in my own heart. Likewise, to let my friends know I love them...sometimes loving their kids is the best place to start."

That is exactly how I feel. Thanks for loving my kids, hurry up and have some damned kids yourselves and I'll love them too.

And as Joe thinks it's spelled, "D-N" (the end)


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