Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summertime Meals and snacks too!

I have lots to say as usual but right now I'm having difficulties posting pictures. What's  a blog post without pictures? I'm trying to fix it though, don't worry.

Here is an awesome list I found for you though!

Summertime Snacks and Meals

peanut butter on bananas rolled in granola

peanut butter & apples

French toast

yogurt parfaits with fruit and granola

hummus with crackers

tortillas with cheese with guac or sour cream


chicken Caesar salads

rice cakes & almond butter & craisins


fruit kabobs

chocalate covered strawberries

cheese & apples

pretzels in cream cheese

fried egg andwiches

pizza pockets

frozen gogurts

string cheese

graham crackers with nutella



grilled cheese

turkey dogs


roasted potatoes

celery & peanut butter & raisins

carrots in hummus


cous cous with sundried tomatoes and chicken



homemade chicken nuggets

crunchy roasted chickpeas

bbq pulled pork

cereal bars



dried fruit

thai spring rolls

frozen grapes

pigs in a blanket

chicken tacos

breakfast burritos

frozen juice and fruit

cucumber cream cheese sandwiches

homemade pizza

rotisserie chicken with rice

English muffin pizza

turkey roll ups



tuna salad

chicken noodle soup

frozen pizza

shredded chicken sandwishes

taco soup

corn on the cob

deviled eggs

sweet potato fries

fruit salad

grands biscuit pizzas


cake mix/pumpkin muffins

granola bars

pb & marshmallow fluff sammies

babybel cheese

goldfish crackers

bbq chicken/pork on baked potato

muffin tin full of snacks

little sausages in cresent rolls

pizza on the grill

celery with laughing cow cheese

oyster crackers

chicken salad w/ mashed avacado

bagel pizzas

cheese tortellini

triscuits w/ cream cheese

carrots & dip

pasta w/ parm. cheese & olive oil

beef jerky

taco salad

pumpkin bread


chili mac

beanie weenies

chips & salsa


peanut sauce over rice & peas

green beans in sweet & sour dip

grilled cheese with apples on it

smoothies with spinach hidden

bean burritos

egg salad


breadsticks with cheese or with cinnamon sugar

PB on tortilla with granola & honey

zucchini brownies

meatball Monday

taco Tuesday


fruit with cr. cheese marshmallow dip

ham &cheese in crescent rolls

summer salsa

frozen banana in melted chocolate

avocado smoothie


pretzel chips

fruit skewers


grilled cheese with tomato

rice crispy squares

baked oatmeal

chex mix

strawberry shortcakes

greek yogurt with fruit

fiber one bars

roasted vegetables


sugar cones fill with fruit & yogurt

biscuits & gravy

watermelon with whipped cream

homemade granola bars


zucchini muffins

PB pretzels

banana boats…PB, choc. chips, fruit

sloppy joes

spaghetti pie

French bread with pesto

fried tomatoes

bologna & cheese rolled up

PB &banana &honey smoothie

zucchini fries

burrito bowls

pasta salad


banan bread

meatball sandwiches

frozen watermelon on popsicle sticks

buffalo chicken

banana ice cream from only a banana

wings on the grill

lettuce wraps

feed them with toothpicks instead of a spoon

flatbread pizza on the grill

scrambled eggs with add ins
toast with pinapple, cheese and coconut "volcanoes"

Curtesy of Meg.

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