Sunday, June 12, 2011

One month old

At one month old Iris is just the sweetest baby ever. She is so calm and I swear I can feel my hear rate slow when I hold her. She consistently sleeps 4-6 hours now and has an awake time for about 2 hours a day before drifting off to sleep for a good long 6 hours. There were a few days, maybe 4 or 5 where we had to swaddle her really tight, giving her gas drops, and swoosh her around while she screamed until she fell asleep... then she'd wake up every 15 to 30 minutes and act ravenously hungry but would never have a good "meal". If we didn't give her the gas drops she would just be so, so unhappy. I didn't get much sleep that week but we're good now. :)

I think she wants to smile. All of her face smiles, except for her mouth. Sometimes she just looks so darned happy. I love it. It makes me laugh... or cry, sometimes I just end up crying ( like a tear, not like sobbing ok?) because she's so cute and precious and sweet and wonderful and then my husband rolls his eyes. "Yes Kait, she's cute."

I love holding her, she looks up at you with her big (soon to be brown) eyes and makes her mouth into a little o and turn her head really slowly. She's starting to fill out too, her little thighs are a little bigger than my pinky now. lol. Just kidding, but she is still super tiny... 7lbs 5oz. She absolutely LOVES her swing and that's basically where she lives.

Nursing is going great, I'll admit that sometimes in the past I have had a not so great attitude about it all but I am really enjoying it this time. I try to look into Iris's eyes and think how much I love her... just incase she can read my thoughts.
The kids have being very interested in breast feeding. I decided rather than make a big deal about it and have a family meeting or something, I'd just address it as the questions came in. Molly was the first to notice. She screamed at the top of her lungs scaring the crap out of me and the baby and in a horrified voice asked, "IS SHE EATIN YOUR BLOOD!?!" and after laughing for a few minutes I managed to explain that no, she is not eating my blood. Lucy's reaction was, 'get the baby out of the way, i've got to try this!' unfortunate for her she has lots of little sharp teeth. Joe was confused and slightly concerned too. "Well what's she doin' that for Mama? Is she eating your tummy?" And I said, "that's how babies eat. they drink milk from... my... " and Sam yells across the room, "BOOOOBS." And once again Jerry and I erupted into laughter. "yes... boobs." lol. When Joe was still confused Sam said, "See Joe, it's a like a possum mama and her baby..." lol. What? How am I like a possum!?

Here are a few pictures from this month... and incase you're taking this moment to grumble, 'geeze, like I haven't seen enough already' I'm posting these for posterity's sake. :) I do read my own blog you know. :)

Lucy likes to be as near to Iris as possible. She has to kiss her every single time she walks past her... or near her... or even if she's not near her, she'll run over to plant a big (usually snotty, but full of love) kiss on her head. She's not allowed to touch her face... sorry Lu, you're just not baby kosher.

Playing outside with the big kids. :)

First family movie night. Iris really enjoyed the movie, can't you tell?

"I like long walks in the moby wrap, suckin' on my binki and swinging on the 3rd speed setting."

Roo's first Mariners game. :) They won! :)

ha! I would blame this ridiculous outfit on a crazy baby shower gift except I'd be lying, I totally bought this for her. Isn't it so funny!?



lol. Bad mommy moment, I was trying to lightly scrub her forehead with a washcloth in the bath because she has such gross dry skin right now and her eyebrows were bright red for a long time afterwards. I felt soooo bad, seriously, I hardly touched them!!

Don't you just feel like saying, 'baby waby cutey wootey wooo!' ? I do. In fact I said it a couple times, just now.

I tried to take pictures of the girls and Riss, but sadly it was too sunny and they both looked so angry with their eyebrows all scrunched together and 90% of the pictures they're looking down, luckily ONE turned out well. :)

"I'm one month old and my mother thought I'd be warm enough in this ridiculous dress outside!?" She'll appreciate it when she's older.

Happy One Month Rissy Roo!!

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  1. I love you! You are corny, honest and hilarious! And those stripes are awesome! You could hide her in a bucket of Life Savers.