Monday, June 6, 2011

Happiness is whatever you want it to be.

It was supposed to be almost 80 yesterday but I spent the day in yoga pants and an old US Marine Corp sweatshirt. I figured the weather man must have mixed things up, after all today was supposed to be overcast and rainy but in actuality my children ran around in shorts and bubble suits. Sam also ran around wearing Jerry's black work socks. *shrug*

I found Lucy looking like this outside. I mean, she had clothes on but with her eye looking like that, covered in dirt and who knows what else. She even had crunchy hair. Gross. She took a bath then took a nap and low and behold she looks almost exactly like that again. I think she sweats dirt.

We have some pretend food that has velcro on it to connect the pieces. The kids can pretend to cut it with a wooden knife. Molly and Joe love to play Chopped with them. I over heard Joe yelling, "What the heck in the world!?! Why would you add water to sea turtle!?" Which is also what I wanted to know. I thought sea turtle was endangered... I should ask Sam later, he's really into extinct animals.

The kids all started summer journals and today they were SO excited to find this centipede. Joe spent a lot of time drawing it and then asking me to write about it. We also saw several bees on my chives which started a fun discussion on what they were doing and how honey is made. I ended up turning on some youtube videos while I made lunch - peanut butter and honey sandwiches. :)

P.S We'll be getting some nature supplies, like a bug container because I'm pretty sure they killed this little guy. Don't tell them though, I'm sure they'd feel terrible.

While trying to put dinner together Iris was NOT happy. It might be because she is going through a gross baby stage where she has wet dead skin covering her forehead. Gross! But it was probably more from me not wanting to hold her in the moby wrap while I was using the stove. I was standing there next to the swing putting the binki into Iris' mouth then waiting a second and replacing it over and over again. Then I had an idea! "Sam, will you hold the baby just for a few minutes?" And he said of course, he loves to cuddle and kiss on the baby. I got dinner done and then he asked me to take a picture of him. They all turned out blury but oh well.


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