Monday, June 13, 2011

Extreme Room Make Over: Boys room edition.

Through a series of unfortunate events only one of the boys have had a mattress since we moved in. We had 2 mattresses for about 10 seconds and then Sam had that day where he threw up strawberries... remember, the night after the royal wedding when upon my departure Jerry let the kids eat the leftovers from my party. Sam can not resist fruit. His mattress could not resist the stain. I could not resist throwing it away after two days of scrubbing it. Gross.

We kept meaning to go get him a mattress and to get the boys a bunk bed since their mattresses were on the floor but we just never had time/energy/interest. lol. Not that they aren't uber important and loved. lol. We also pulled out their room decorations which haven't been hung up for no other reason than I am LAZY, or as my husband likes to call it; relaxed.
Let's be honest though, I am not a relaxed person. It's pure laziness.
When my Dad comes to visit he's planning on bringing his drill and I have like 99 billions things for him to hang in the house including a blue shelf in the boys' room... though I'm not sure where we'll put it.

We also plan to get them a shelf and bins to replace their much too small toy box which is, in any case broken and almost useless.

This is the shelf and bins we ordered... from ikea.

There are two blue bins, one on each side and three green bins down the middle with the lids. They're room is Mario colors, according to Joe. :)


Starting from the door. :)

We let them play the computer, the DS and watch movies so they would stay out of their room while we put them together (the table and the bunk bed) because there were no less than 88 billion screws to put in. When they came in (at 10:30 - it took us 7 hours to pick up, put up and clean up their room!) they were SO excited. The table, bunk bed, moon nightlight, (which screws into the wall so they can't pull it down - HALLELUJAH!) and poster are new.

Does their room look like this right now? No. It looks just as messy as it always does.

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