Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Builder Builds a Bunk Bed

Poor Daddy! He has no idea what he's doing...

Baby builder to the rescue!!!

"First I will reorganize your carefully stacked boards and then I will put the directions right here so we don't lose them... wait, where DID I put them!?"

"Watch me Daddy! Just like this!"

"Let me just make sure these screws work by tossing them out the window... Baby builder is so helpful!"

Baby Builder helps her Daddy by holding his screwdriver. I don't know why he kept looking all over for it, he should have just checked where the baby was!

Baby Builder needed a comfy spot to sit...

... so she brought in her new potty! Now Baby Builder is super comfy!

Baby Builder needed to take a little break...

"What could this be?"

"Who could have left this out?"
It was Daddy.

"Num num!"

"Back to work!"

"You did a good job Daddy!"

Thanks you helpful Baby you...

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