Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two weeks old...

Boy have these last two weeks been incredibly long and yet incredibly short. We've been to the pediatrician every two days, Iris had to get her heel poked each time and then she also had her newborn shots. I am so glad she will not remember this time of her life... of course now just blogging about it will remind her... darn it!

Every two days Dr. J would tell us to come back in two days and she might be readmitted. She had an eye infection on Friday and an ear infection on Monday, but today she was given a clean bill of health.
Her temp was 101.2 on Friday and 91.5 on  Monday and today is was perfect.
On Friday her bilirubin was 6 and on monday it was 8.

On Friday she was 6lbs 2oz and on Monday she was 6lbs even (again) and today she is 6lbs 3oz.

She is a very sleepy newborn and rousing her is near impossible. I wake her every three hours to feed her and sometimes even being completely naked she doesn't wake up. She usually doesn't even wake up for diaper changes. But since she's gained some weight she's fine. If I let her alone she will sleep for 6 hours straight. She has a very small wake period of 2 hours. I try to give her a bath around 9 so her two hours awake can be after the kids have gone to bed and I can snuggle her and basically nurse for two hours (lol) without interruption and then she's ready for a good 3 or 4 hour sleepy time.

She has only had two nights when she's cried and wasn't easily appeased. The first time was the night before she went into the hospital and the second was last night. She just seemed to have an upset tummy all night and was pretty fussy. I could get her to be quiet for about 5 or 10 minutes then she would cry again and I would change her position or try nursing her again. She did not have a good feeding all night and then today she was IMPOSSIBLE to wake up and had two very very half hearted feedings. Then this afternoon she had a giant cannon explosion in her pants and after about 5 minutes of good pooping she perked up. I realized I made cabbage for dinner last night and after a good head pounding against the door frame decided not to do that again.

She had her first booger last week. I thought you'd like to know. I didn't take a picture.

Our "nesting-in" hasn't gone exactly as planned but we have 4 weeks left and I think it'll be a great 4 weeks recovering from the first two!!

Her umbilical cord fell off on Wednesday.

Her skin is still recovering from being in the bili lights. They seriously dried out her skin. She has gross big peeling spots. Not like newborn flaking. It's peeling.

I'm about 99% sure her hair is curly.

She finally accepts her binki. Sort of.

I love her. Joe "lufts" her and so does everyone else. Molly sat holding her for about 15 minutes yesterday. She kept talking about how small her nose was, why were her eyes closed, why can't she talk, she can't wait for her to be able to run. They're all so sweet and have the most wonderful things to say about her. Lucy insists on kissing her every single time she sees her. I have a feeling Iris will be Lucy's little puppy; following her everywhere and being slightly overly-loved in a tough love sort of way. Lucy's a tough love sort of girl... she likes to head butt people in love.

I just can't believe how fast these last two weeks have gone. It feels like a joke, but I can't wait to see her first smile!!

Post bath, post feeding, baby bliss.

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