Wednesday, May 4, 2011

National Star Wars Day

My kids are obsessed with star wars. And legos. And star wars legos.

Last week I discovered that May 4th was "Star Wars Day", a day to celebrate the creation of the movie. Some websites said it was to celebrate George Lucas and some other web sites said it was Luke Skywalker's birthday.

Well we don't need a "real" reason to celebrate Star Wars. We practically live it here daily so really it was like a celebration of Toompas life.

We started with Starbucks. You know... star.... okay, I just demanded starbucks because I only was able to sleep for 90 minutes last night.

Then we went grocery shopping and picked up Joe's very first pack of Star Wars collectable trading cards. Best $2.99 spent. Everyone knows Sam is a huge pokemon card collector and Joe has wanted to collect some cards too. So he got his first pack and then told us he needed a card sleeve like Sam's cards have. Now he's asking for a binder to keep his one half full page in. But you know, if you give a mouse a cookie...

When we got home the kids donned their jedi apparel and ran out to practice their training. Molly pretended to be Princess Yega (Leia) and Joe was Nanokins Sky- Walter. They fought for awhile.

Sam came home from school and was thrilled for our "special day". He is like me, we love to have parties for no real reason.

For lunch I made taquitos and told the kids they were light sabers. Joe said, "Mom, these look like sticks." who am I? Ina Garten? This kid has been watching too much food network challenge. I also gave them Star Wars fruit snacks.

And then we had "Yoda Soda". It's one scoop of lime sorbet and doused with 7-up. It frothed nicely and tasted terrible but the kids loved it. They never have soda. Especially Yoda Soda.

Then the kids told me what kind of pictures they wanted taken and who I was supposed to sent them to.

To Auntie, Uncle Max, Uncle Spencer, Uncle Paul, Aunt Christy, Baby Jack and Papa.

I personally like face book because I can just tag people in the pictures.

But yeah, I sent them.

Happy Star Wars Day.
May the 4th Be With You.

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  1. That's awesome! I didn't realize it was Star Wars day until about 2 pm, or we definitely would've celebrated more. Had to settle for just watching a movie... Love Lucy's look in the last picture... :D