Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Oh sweet 3 day weekends. I love you. The only unfortunate part was that Jerry had Friday and Saturday off and then Monday... but he worked Sunday.

What with the fact that I'm LOVING staying home and doing tiny projects that require little to no stress and the fact that we're actually on a budget for the first time in who knows how long, we stayed home. When I say I slept all weekend I mean I SLEPT ALL WEEKEND.

Iris is severely on her own schedule and for now I'm just going with it, once she's around a month or so I'll start tweaking it, but for now she is a super sleepy gal, except for the hours of midnight to 6am at which time she eats with one eye open every 25 minutes or constantly.

Monday I went to bed at 6:25am and slept until 10:30 then Jerry brought me eggs, toast and a cup of tea and looked at me pitifully and held the baby while I ate. Then I fell back asleep at 11:00 and slept until 5:30pm. How terrible/awesome is that? Terrible because I have been waking Iris up every 2.5 or 3 hours to eat but totally didn't think I'd sleep that long and AWESOME that Iris sleeps.

When I woke up Jerry had dinner ready. I might have asked him how his day was but I can't be sure. We had some coffee and then we headed out to walk around the cemetery with the kids.

We wanted to tell the kids about all the heroes, all those people who sacrifice their time, their energy, their lives to fight for our freedom and fight to protect our country. I am a particular sappy patriotic person and not just because my brother is in the marine corp *sniff* (though I seriously cry over anything that has to do with Marines; songs about the Marine corp and commercials that have anything to do with these young guys signing up - I can't even watch that new show "Coming Home" because I sob a little over the commercial. Don't tell my brother, he's big and burly.) but because I love America.

So we went to the soldiers cemetery that's just a couple blocks away. I WENT SOMEWHERE. But it was close, so it doesn't really count... I make my own rules. lol.

It was sad and hard and amazing to see all these graves. Every single one of these men and women served in the armed forces in some way. We saw graves from the Spanish war, The Indian War, Korean, WWI and II and of course the gulf war. Then there were a few very new very fresh graves from Afghanistan and two from Iraq. I hid behind my camera and let Jerry do all the talking.

The kids asked some really good quesitons, like Joe's, "Was this guy shot in the head or the face?" *face palm*

And this kid only tried to rob every single grave of their flags. Man... my kids are not cut out for grave yards. We were SO happy there weren't any other people. Joe wanted to know if the people in the graves could see the bottom of the flags. Molly actually said she wanted to die too because some of the graves had white roses on them.

There is a very old stone staircase that leads down the hill to the street and every time I pass it (like every time we go anywhere) I always want to take a picture on it. We tried but it was a very weird spot and had blotchy lighting. So we just sat the kids again the wall for some very patriotic Memorial Day pictures.

Happy Memorial Day to all of those her have served our country, but most of all to Spencer.
You're our hero and we're so proud of you.

love, the Toompi

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