Monday, May 23, 2011

"How many hours old am I?"

He asks me everyday. Sometimes he asks how many days old he is, but mostly it's hours. It just clicked in his brain that he's getting older every second and hour and day. I remember turning 5 and laughing a great big "HA!" because I thought I was going to be older than my sister but was disappointed when my mom explained how it all works.

Sometime in the next few weeks I'm going to get 5 year old pictures of Joe... like after he gets a hair cut. But until then here are some pictures of his birthday!!

It was a very small party... with one small guest.

Requested lego cake: this baby had a LOT of frosting on it.

Pokemon pinata... hung by an electrical cord in the garage. Stay classy Toompi.

Lucy just wanted the cake; she smelled the chocolate.

Papa and Grandma gave Joe a cool new remote control truck that can drive through puddles and over rocks and in the grass. He plays with it
Sam was also overly grateful and initiated a group hug.

Jerry gave Joe a giant hug and said, "You're my big boy!" to which Joe responded, "I'm not really very big." so Jerry has resorted to calling him "My medium sized boy". lol.

Joe loves Legos, drawing, my little ponies, pokemon, wearing his shoes on backwards and sometimes his pants too. He completely admires his big brother and is so loving and kind to his little sisters. Joe's an amazing kid with the cutest giggly laugh and is Ninja Kitty's number one fan. Seriously. He loves that cat and begs every night to leave his door open so that the cat can sleep on his pillow... or face. Which ever.

He's an amazing kid and I just love him to death.

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