Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Mom, I wont be 'noxious again!"

You shouldn't always be honest with your children. Point in case:
Me: "Honey, please go play in your room."
Sam "Why?"
Me "Because... you're...  being... obnoxious."
Sam "Mom, I wont be 'noxious again!"
At least I didn't say annoying. I think it sounds better.
I still don't think my mother would approve.

Joe is an advocate. He advocates for justice. And sometimes injustice. For instance, when Molly shouted, "NO SAM!" and tried to grab the yogurt she wanted out of Sam's hands and thusly was told she would get no yogurt Joe quickly said, "But Molly is real sorry, can she have a yogurt? It's her favorite." When in actuality it's not her favorite, though she may like it. Molly quickly changed tactics from, 'WAAAAAH Yoooooguuuurttttt" to "*sniff* yeah... it's my fafowit *snuff* and I'm REAL sorry."
He is a nice kid and cares about other people.

I don't get Sam. He has a shirt from kindergarden that all the students signed under a caption, "These are my friends!" but every time someone comments on it (it is really cute with all their little sloppy hand writing.) he tells people, "But they're not actually my friends. I only have three friends, Joe Hug, Kaylen from my old school in Von-cougar and now Needle. None of them belong to my school." Don't kids usually try to make themselves look more awesome by having a slew of friends? I think he feels like his shirt is a big lie. I'll tell you what the lie is though; that shirt will fit him in college because that is definitely not a size small. It goes down to his knees and past his elbows.

Molly is ca-razy. Her toys are ALWAYS crying. She is incredibly dramatic, breaks as many rules as possible and if caught tries to act really cute and pathetic and cries really easily. She also makes up these really rediculous reasons to be fake afraid, "Ack! It's raining and my dress will get smaller!" (what!?) and she is always looking for a reason to be special... she has no qualms about asking out right, "Daddy... is my dwess pwetty???" *blink blink blink* *flashes a smile* "And can I have a cookie?" She knows how to work that man and he never sees it comin'... wait, this sounds a lot like me.

Have you seen Toy Story 3? There's a little girl at the end who looks EXACTLY like Lucy. It's like Lucy in cartoon form. It makes me laugh. Basically the only reason to watch that movie.

Our swing batteries went out. Dang. Jerry - if you read this please pick some up on the way home!! Gosh, now that I think about it we're out of cat food too... oh and soy milk, don't get rice milk this time, Lucy really didn't like it. (Maybe I should just e-mail this all)

Molly wet her pants this afternoon and when she came inside sobbing I told her, "It's okay, go put your dirties in the laundry basket then get a clean pair on." and gave her a reassuring smile. This did nothing to calm her waves of emotion. She stomped down the hall progressively getting louder. Joe looked at me and rolled his eyes then stomped off down the hall after her. A second later I over heard him saying, "You can wear my favorite underwear. They have a pocket for keeping your lego men and there are police cars on them to make you go real fast. I never have accidents." It was very sweet and I wouldn't have told her she couldn't wear them (they both wear 2T underwear) other than the fact that it's probably not a good idea for her to store her lego men in the pocket since... *shudder* and now the idea was planted. Plus I'm pretty sure I heard him say he was going to wear them tomorrow when she was done.

I love our house but our living room layout absolutely drives me crazy. I ask everyone who comes over for their opinion on decorating/ furniture placement. I have made one decision for the wall by the entry way and the wall that leads down the hallway. The wall in the living room is kind of behind everything but it can't be left plain. I've decided to get a "T" and put it in the middle of the wall and make a collage around it of pictures of the kids. To do this I felt I needed a cute picture of Lucy... who happened to be wearing dress up clothes today, the flower girl dress from my sister's wedding.

They turned out like that. I kind of like them and kind of don't. Like ability undetermined.

First I wanted to use no flash (which for the most part doesn't work for me. I should stop) then they were too dark and when I lightened them they looked too grainy so then I ended up "fading the color" which I then had to change the color to be more yellow because they were too grey. Man now I'm thinking they're over edited.

Here is a straight out of the camera shot:

Dear Santa: please send me photography lessons. And I'll also take a new lense.

Speaking of Lucy she keeps telling me she needs a diaper change then runs away manically laughing when I get up. Somehow I've fallen for it one too many times. I'll wrap this up now.

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