Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yard Clean up and Easter Egg Dying

When my parents came a few weekends ago they brought a present from my Grandma, Gigi. It's called, "Spin an Egg coloring kit" and it was awesome. I wasn't really planning to do an Easter Egg hunt or anything so I hadn't really planned on dying eggs. But then I remembered Grandma had sent this and thought we may as well give it a try. We usually keep boiled eggs on hand anyway and it came with the dye kit.

The kids took turns picking which color we would put in and then they all took turns pushing the top thing down and spinning the egg. This is basically a salad spinner. The eggs actually turned out really well and everyone thought everything was very fair - big deal here these days. lol.

After that Jerry surprised the kids with chocolate easter bunnies and some jelly bean eggs.

Watch out Joe, don't be swinging chocolate around this girl!

Though Jerry didn't buy one for her Lucy took Molly's. lol.

We then set out on our "Earth Day" expedition. Since moving here I've been pretty grossed out with the amount of garbage around our mailboxes (we share a "stand" with 4 other neighbors but it's right by our drive way) and along the sides of the road. It's especially sad to see all that stuff floating around because the ditches fill with rain water. We found pill bottles, cigarettes, Styrofoam, and tons and tons of hamburger wrappers.

Enough garbage to fill two garbage bags! Gross-ness!!! We even found a whole set of moldy polly pockets in the berry brambles.

The boys got a little distracted tossing the frisbee for a few minutes but I'm no slave driver. We took a little break before getting to work. :)

I really think I have the most awesome kids; they're totally hard workers and LOVE to work too. Sam kept making really intelligent comments about the environment and it appeared he too was in shock by the path the rain water has to travel before reaching the river which goes into a nearby lake. I think it was great to sit down and talk about it with the kids. Also I should mention the near 70 degree weather we had today. I just had the hardest time dragging myself back inside!!

We gave the kids thank you gifts for helping us cleaning up. New chalk, bug/fish nets and carved wooden fairies. They were thrilled to see the fairies looked like them. :)

We have lots more to share from this weekend including our new fury friend!!

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  1. Seriously - you let you kids color eggs in cute clothes - especially Lu's sweater?! You are a brave woman!