Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovin' me some weekends!

On Saturday morning we drove to Ocean Shores! It was my first time at Ocean Shores and the kids' first time seeing the ocean ever.

That morning we slept in until 8 or so then lazily got ready to go. Jerry laughed at me saying I was packing too much.

For the record I packed:

  • two towels,

  • 4 sippy cups,

  • a full pair of clean clothes for each kid and dry pants for Jerry and myself as well as dry socks and shoes.

  • sunscreen.

  • bug spray.

  • winter hats.

  • coats.

  • sweatshirts.

  • 2 DSs.

  • 4 pair of muck boots

  • baby powder

  • 5 kites

Yes, our van was packed to the gills. But we headed out around 9:30, stopped at the store for lunch (seriously, I bought PB&J sandwiches for $0.99 each) and then stopped for coffees (where the guy at starbucks gave us both our drinks for FREE! Our original cost $10.00.) and we hit the free way by 10:30.

Lucy and Molly slept until we got there. Sam and Joe played their DS'. Jerry and I had a good time talking and joking and giggling... it's true, Jerry giggles.

It took us less than 2 hours and though we drove through bouts of horrible hard rain, rain showers and even a few snow looking flakes it was sunny at 54 degrees when we got there.

and windy.

very very very windy.

Which is perfect for kite flying but not perfect for my kiddo who is afraid of the wind. Yep, Sam went into freak out mode holding his ears and screaming he couldn't breath. But no problem because I pulled out his winter hat and said, "Oh this hat will do the trick. It will make the wind not even bug you." I thought he would scoff at me. He's very intelligent you know, but that seemed to make him pretty dang content. We switched the kids into their boots and they ran off to play in the sand.

Lucy was not really on board for all the wind or for the frigid temperatures. Sure, it was sunny but the wind temp was like 30. or like -30. I don't know. I'm not a weather man.

She sat in the stroller for about an hour before Jerry dragged her out. Jerry claims her boots wouldn't fit so she walked around in her too long pants and robeez which were drenched in seconds.

"I just don't know about this!"

"My feet are wet. The wind is in my face."

But then we "gooed" at her, 'WOW Lulu! It's the BEEEACH." and she laughed at us.

She loved watching the little windmill and that kept her happy to walk around with it in her hands.

Jerry got our big alligator kite up pretty quickly but had trouble getting Sam's kite up. It was smaller and kept nose diving into the sand.

Joe took his turn flying the kite and thought it was pretty neat.

Sam was a mini expert and figured out how to make the kite move where he wanted it. I have no idea how to do that.

Then suddenly all the kids ran off with Jerry (my oldest kid) and went to play in the waves.

Who do you think was stuck flying kites? Me. I had two kites and the stroller. Jerry helped me hook the kites onto the stroller and then I was free to push that sucker through the sand drifts. Haha. I sure regretted that the next morning!!

The kids just had so much fun running all over. Joe felt the need to keep screaming like  a wild man and running all over.

Molly immediately dropped to her knees and began digging in the sand with her hands and flinging sand into the air getting it all over herself.

Sam ran in the waves and was immediately knocked down by the tiniest wave. He was soaked and I thought we'd be heading out fairly soon after that but he had more fun running in and out of the water and getting more and more wet.

We stayed for only a couple hours, less than two, simply because I was so cold. When I told the kids it was time to go they burst into tears saying how much they hated it there and they were SOOOO cold. Joe even said, "Next time we come I'm not coming!" and Sam sobbed, "This is the worst day ever!" Talk about drama!

We laughed at them of coure because 12 seconds before it was "the best day ever" and "I never want to leave". Jerry laid the back seats down, turned the heater on and started loading up. I started stripping the kids, drying them off and sprinkling them with baby powder so the sand would come off, then we got them dressed together and started passing out lunches and sippy cups of juice.

The drive home was miserable for Jerry and I. We were both ridiculously tired and one of us sore. I forgot to pour Lulu a bottle before we headed out and her milk was in the trunk so we suffered with about 20 minutes of hysteria before we got home.

Jerry asked me if I was glad we went and I said, "Ask me tomorrow!" And just like the little kids once I felt better, warmer, had a nebulizer treatment and a shower I felt much happier.

Wow, what fun we had. :)

And for the record, we used every single item I brought. Well, except the bug spray.

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